Yale prof who called Trump 'delusional' loses fight over job

Bandy Lee

A Yale professor who was dismissed after she was caught brazenly violating ethics rules has failed in her attempt to have a court order her reinstated.

It is Bandy Lee, who is known mainly for her extremist attacks on President Donald Trump – she called him “delusional,” who has failed.

She was dismissed following an incident in which she expanded her attacks on Trump to include famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, who was on Trump’s legal team during the Democrats’ first failed impeach-and-remove scheme.

Dershowitz filed a complaint after she called him “psychotic.”

He wrote to Yale, asking she be disciplined.

“Dr. Bandy Lee of the Yale Medical School has publicly ‘diagnosed’ me as ‘psychotic,’ based on my legal and political views, and without ever examining or even meeting me,” he wrote. “This constitutes a serious violation of the ethics rules of the American Psychiatric Association. I am formally asking that association to discipline Dr. Lee. By this email, I also formally ask Yale University, Yale Law School and its medical school to determine whether Dr. Lee violated any of its rules.”

Her social media criticism of Trump’s legal team was just a part of her campaign against Trump throughout his term.

She also released a book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

The Hartford Courant reported U.S. District Judge Sarah A.L. Merriman dismissed Lee’s lawsuit against the school.

She had claimed the school violated her speech rights by rejecting her for reappointment.

She said her comments were nothing more than her “duty to warn” the public about what she claimed was the “contagion” of Trump’s perspectives and political views.

Doubts about her judgment, fitness and professionalism all were cited by the school when it rejected her – following her repeated statements about the problems she had diagnosed, by long-distance, in Trump.

“Such long-distance diagnoses conflict with guidance from the American Psychiatric Association, of which Lee is not a member. It advises against giving professional opinions about the mental state of someone a psychiatrist has not personally evaluated. Lee called the admonition, known as the Goldwater Rule, a ‘gag order,'” the report said.

But John Krystal, chairman of the Psychiatry Department, told her in a letter: “I want to emphasize that you did not make these statements as a layperson offering a political judgment; you made them explicitly in your professional capacity as a psychiatrist and on the basis of your psychiatric knowledge and judgment. For that reason, the committee decided it was appropriate to consider how these statements reflected your ability to teach trainees.”

The school had argued in the case it had no obligation to keep a professor in a volunteer position, especially there was no contract and officials had lost faith in Lee.

Lee repeatedly sought out situations in which she could claim Trump was not qualified, was not competent, and in fact was a danger.

She started out with a “conference” that resulted in her book.

A commentary at The Gateway Pundit pulled no punches referring the Lee.

It described Lee as an “Unhinged Yale Psychiatrist Who Wanted to ‘Physically Restrain’ Trump, Frog-March Him Out of White House.”

WND reported when the dispute developed that authoritarian regimes such as the Soviet Union fine-tuned the political weaponization of psychiatry, confining many dissidents of sound mind to insane asylums for “involuntary evaluations” because of their political opposition.

She failed to diagnose Joe Biden, but Summit News reported Norwegian psychiatrist Fred Heggen assessed – long before the election – that Biden was suffering from dementia.

Heggen, the medical director at an Oslo clinic, said at the time: “Of course I may still judge him wrongly, but in my eyes he appears as a person who is already very affected by dementia. And the presidential election is still far ahead. What if his condition worsens further over the next two-three months?”

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