You're not hearing about Biden's most catastrophic plan yet

So, you think you’ve heard about Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign-policy plans that will rival Ukraine and Afghanistan?

Think again.

This one is the worst one. It’s unbelievable. You’re not hearing much about this one – thanks to the controlled press, Big Tech. But this is a doozy.

It already has condemnation from 49 Republican senators – and most of them are not hearing nearly enough about it yet.

Biden is determined to bring back that catastrophic secret plan to give the mad mullahs in Iran billions of dollars, brokered by Vladimir Putin, to revive a 2015 accord by Barack Obama that would eventually arm Iran with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and remove the terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards, which will control Iran’s new weapons.

I know. This sounds insane. It’s the most evil thing Biden has done to date, yet it has his stamp of approval. And he’s PUSHING Putin to get it done because it’s a major priority of his administration – as it was with Obama until President Donald Trump called it off during his administration.

Oh, Biden’s also declaring Iran no longer a terrorist state – in spite of the fact that Tehran, just days ago, exploded one those missiles within a few feet of the U.S. Consulate in Iraq, saying it was retaliation for an Israeli strike in Syria that killed two members of its Revolutionary Guard.

Even that has not deterred Biden, nor did it get coverage in the rigged media.

Remember when Benjamin Netanyahu came to the U.S. Congress and made an impassioned plea for Obama’s plan to be blocked? Remember when Obama sent billions in cash to implement it?

Netanyahu has called the plan by Biden “catastrophic.” He recognizes that it’s only a matter of time before Iran develops nukes to destroy Israel and the U.S. This sick nation still has signs plastered all over it streets saying, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” And, inconceivably, Biden wants to help them!

Why is he so desperate to make this bad deal again? Why did Obama push it so hard?

Because they hate Israel. And because they don’t know of anything that makes friends of enemies more than your cash!

While you may be happy to know that Republicans in the Senate are mad as hell about this, they cannot stop it. It’s simple arithmetic. They don’t have the votes. Should this plan ever come to the Senate, it can only be stopped with Democratic votes. Even 50 votes won’t get it done.

So, here we go again.

Sen. Rand Paul was the only Republican member of the Senate who did not sign the statement. In an emailed statement, he said: “Condemning a deal that is not yet formulated is akin to condemning diplomacy itself, not a very thoughtful position.” That’s all well and good, but Biden’s having problems with our enemies not liking his plan enough. Typical. That means it can only get worse.

No congressional Republicans supported the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and major powers, reached under Obama, which supposedly curbed Iran’s uranium enrichment program in exchange for a lifting of international sanctions against Tehran. A handful of Democrats also objected. The 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, or INARA, gave Congress the right to review an agreement, but lawmakers are unlikely to be able to kill a deal outright after failing to do so in 2015 when Republicans controlled Congress.

Democrats now hold slim majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate and are unlikely to turn against Biden in sufficient numbers to stop a major initiative like an Iran deal.

The 2015 accord made it harder for Tehran to develop material for nuclear weapons. This deal does not. It took Trump to withdraw in 2018. Talks resumed after Biden became president, supposedly, last year.

Attempts by Biden to clinch a new deal were left in limbo after a last-minute demand by Russia – at odds with the U.S. over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – forced the powers to pause talks in Vienna despite having a largely completed text.

But a spokesperson for Iran’s foreign ministry said that Washington needed to make a decision to wrap up a deal.

So, here we stand with this insanity for now. Biden’s feckless, incoherent, scared, spineless, irrational, unprincipled, diseased mind cannot make this right.

We’ve got to get Trump back in – and fast!

We need a miracle to stop this disaster in its tracks.

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