3 blind mice: The Democrats, the media and the Deep State

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

Many of the old children’s rhymes enjoyed long life not only because they entertained the next generation, but because they revealed important insights into human nature and the human condition (the two being inexorably linked).

The Democrats really, really, really want us to believe that an incumbent president who got 74 million votes was defeated by a closet Chinese Communist Party kingpin who campaigned from his basement, and at his best spoke to 250 people at a rally.

The media really, really, really want us to believe that they are the only source of Truth in America. If we don’t heed their “fraud-free” election narrative, stay locked down in our basements until coronavirus is eradicated from the planet, and drink the kool-aid of their vaccine promises, we all deserve to die, even if we don’t.

The Deep State … ah, they are short on spokespeople just now, so we have to decipher their thoughts from their actions. Deep Staters wanted Trump’s presidency to end before it began. They started with Russia Russia Russia, paid a United Kingdom spook to dream up the narrative and “leaked” this top secret fantasy to their media toadies in America.

When that investigation circled for the last time and disappeared down Mueller’s $40 million toilet, Deep Staters moved on to impeachment. It was wrong, of course, for the U.S. president to talk to the Ukraine president in a phone call. Diplomacy must be conducted by the Deep State, else where do they get their payoffs?

Now it’s Democrats and election laws: State constitutions are just “guidelines” on how to conduct an election. What’s really important is to count every ballot, especially when they are loaded on trucks and brought in from out of state. Dominion voting machines are so secure we have to send the results to Germany and let our friends in the European Union count them for us.

All nations have unique cultural histories. It’s a pity that so many of the Three Blind Mice conspirators went to those elite colleges that were at the forefront of trading degrees in victimhood for tuition money. Those colleges were the ones that early on abandoned teaching Western civilization and history. Had those previous alumni purchased learning for their children, they might have saved those elitist offspring the grief that is now coming for them.

The Three Blind Mice of America’s elitist subculture have attacked the one group they should never have openly confronted. Trump supporters are the Farmer’s Wife. Just like the colonists who finally had enough of rule by a distant, heavy-handed monarch, America in 2020 has had enough of the Deep States’ endless wars and war profiteering, the media’s endless lies covering up for the Deep State and the Democrats’ toilet paper constitutions, which are reserved for them alone to wipe their prissy little asses with, whenever and wherever they like, so they can retain power over America and what she does in the world.

The early colonists who risked their lives coming to America were desperate to control their own lives. The Puritans wanted religious freedom, the growing tradesmen class wanted economic independence, and many of those who followed were hungry for adventure in the New World.

The thoughtful among us know that unlike those adventurers who founded America, there is nowhere we can run to any longer. Today, America either fulfills its destiny to be the “shining city on the hill” or the world descends into hell on earth.

That is precisely the future dreamt up for the rest of us by the Three Blind Mice. Life without God. Trickle-down corruption for the elitists with fake educations, at the expense of the rest of us. Government and economy forever controlled by members of the American Communist Party. Money, money, money. Talk about entitlement!

Early during the Trump presidency, peace began breaking out all over the world, and the American economy began to be unchained. Now the Three Blind Mice are terrified that the progeny of American settlers cannot be controlled. The Farmer’s Wife has awakened in time to see that the mice are coming for her. Her reward is in her hand.

I doubt it’s their tails that she is going to cut off.

What would God doing a new thing look like?

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