Abortion: The left's blood sport

As if right on cue, indignant and loud protests in front of the Supreme Court broke out within only hours of the conveniently leaked apparent ruling on abortion. Buckle up, America; I’m sorry to say that will be only the start of protests as they grow in frequency and size around the country. The outrage arrives even though the ruling only means that abortion will be left up to the states, as it should be, some states hopefully more restrictive than others.

But even Bill Clinton once insisted that abortions should be “safe, legal and rare.”

Of course, that turned out to be one of several infamous head fakes from the former president. That intellectually dishonest, nose-in-the-tent principle moved at lightning speed straight to “abortion on demand” for any reason whatsoever. Some estimate 70-plus million aborted children later, here we are as a nation more divided than ever on this important life-or-death issue. That’s more individuals than died in all of World War II.

The current occupant of the White House is openly pining for even more abortions in the land of the free:

“It concerns me a great deal that after 50 years we’re going to decide that a woman doesn’t have the right to choose,” Biden shouted to reporters before boarding Air Force One. “A whole range of rights” that are based on the presumption of privacy will be in question, he claims, including access to contraception and same-sex marriage. “It’s a fundamental shift in American jurisprudence,” Biden said.

Mr. President, please remember you started life as a fetus. And with all due respect, sir, you seemed a bit more measured in years past when talking about the death of the innocent. Do you feel the same way on Ash Wednesday, or does the official position of the Catholic Church not matter to you anymore?

Remember, you’d have had at least the potential to teach CRT to those 70 million innocent children. Not to mention attempting to teach them globalist ideas like open borders, disdain for America’s founders and our heritage, and hatred for our First and Second Amendments. You could have taught them to hate our energy independence and to undermine our remarkable free enterprise system. Who knows? Tens of millions of additional young people over those 50 years may have agreed with you that godless socialism and gender confusion were suddenly virtuous ideas.

And you left an awful lot of revenue on the table by not being able to tax them to death and put them in irreversible debt and spiraling inflation along with the rest of us with the spendthrift policies of your friends in both parties.

So, on its face, it seems your policy of unlimited abortion on demand may have backfired, sir.

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Speaking of Presidents Clinton and Biden, I’m always confounded by how many in the vocal, pro-abortion crowd are older white liberals like their Planned Parenthood larger-than-life protagonist, the late Margaret Sanger. Just look at the composition of the protesters on television. Spoken as an older white man (and I’m so sorry for that; please forgive my skin color, my gender and my age), it’s confusing and embarrassing.

But to millions of misdirected and politically used and abused, obedient younger people who unfortunately lack color or gender misalignment, they’ve talked themselves into a completely counterintuitive set of apologetics to make up for these apparent sins. The prevailing argument is that “defending the rights of urban communities” of color where such “clinics” just happen to be disproportionately placed – for the purpose of ending the lives and futures of minority children and their entire bloodline from their generation on – is somehow “virtue signaling” to minorities or new sexual classes. Bless their hearts, they’ve been effectively lied to by the very worst kind of curmudgeons our planet has produced thus far. And these bitter, older white progressives like to call you the “racist.”

Personally speaking, I can think of better ways for kids of any color to virtue signal than to sign onto this treacherous and deadly disinformation. Wait until communities of color figure this latest old-white-liberal head fake out for themselves.

The best advice I can give young people of any of the left’s new multitude of divisive categories is this: Stop your go-along-to-get-along, groveling mentality and begin to think and stand up for yourself. Red or yellow, black, or white, Scripture warns, “If you harm one of these little ones it would be better that a millstone be tied around your neck, and you be cast into the sea.”

This is not a political game any more than the unborn are an “issue” for the Supreme Court to decide. Each of these little ones is very alive human “tissue” with a future and a soul just like yours. And it just as easily could have been your vulnerable young tissue cut up, vacuumed out and thrown in the trash for political purposes by Margret Sanger-wannabe leftists.

Still, look for this revived and vociferous “pro-choice” movement with too much time on their hands to quickly escalate into another enraged, Antifa-fueled “Summer of Love.” Cities, board up – the mobs will be back. Only this time the slogan on signs might be something more akin to “Black Lives Matter Except in the Womb.” No doubt, AT&T, Disney, Coke, Pepsi, the NFL, Netflix and countless other woke companies will sprain their wrists writing checks to the movement’s questionable nonprofits to virtue signal alongside them. “Whatever, we’re with you crazy kids! Just keep buying (not stealing) our stuff and spare our stores!”

So, if there ever were one, this is a “choose you this day whom you will serve” moment in America’s short history, starting with the court’s dissenting justices. For all the wealth in the universe, I would not want to be one of them any more than I’d want to be one of the original Supreme Court justices who signed their names to this national curse five bloody decades ago.

Thank the Lord above for a Supreme Court that at least appears to have the ability to exercise critical thinking again. And one that does not want to further codify the blood sport of violent, late-term (or even later-term as with Gov. Northam) abortion for any reason, at any time, at any place, government assisted, and smiled upon by a few unelected black robes as the “settled law of the land.” God, please forgive us.

We’ve become every bit as outrageous as China. We don’t necessarily force abortions, at least not yet, but we certainly stand alone in the West with shockingly liberal abortion policy. Progressives even want you to pay for illegal immigrants’ abortions and those beyond our borders. I’m sorry to be so necessarily candid, but abortion has become akin to a religious sacrament on the blood-soaked altar of the politically correct.

Hopefully, this profound evil in our land is about to change. America’s abortion policy to this point in time makes the ancient Aztec’s cult of annual ceremonial child sacrifice look like child’s play.

Well-meaning young people, please come to your senses before it’s too late for you and the children in your womb who are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” as Scripture so eloquently puts it. I speak this as the adoptive father of a son whose birth mother was on the steps of an abortion “clinic” twice but could not go through with it. He’s now given us two beautiful grandchildren that some faceless “doctor” would have gladly wiped off the face of the earth forever before eating a sandwich.

I’m with Ronald Reagan who profoundly quipped, “Anyone for abortion has already been born.” Praise God there seems to be a shift on the “issue of tissue” and a majority who agree with that sentiment.

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