Al-Aqsa guard provoked by 'good morning,' attacks Israeli policeman

You’ve got to watch what you say when you’re in a situation – like on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – where people are sensitive.


That’s because one of the guards working for the Waqf, the organization that controls and manages Islamic facilities on the mount, including the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, has been arrested for erupting in anger when he was greeted with “Good morning.”

The Jerusalem Post has the details on the situation involving the guard, Louay Abu Al-Sa’ad.

The background is that Al-Sa’ad reportedly “disrupted” Israeli police who were arresting a different Waqf employee on the Temple Mount days earlier.

“He filmed the officers and stayed close to them in a ‘threatening manner,’ as well as raising his voice,” the Post report said. “The Waqf guard refused to calm down, even after being warned that he was disrupting the officers’ work.”

Only days later, the report explained, “Al-Sa’ad saw one of the [officers] who had arrested the Waqf employee while sitting in front of the al-Aqsa Mosque. The officer saw al-Sa’ad looking at him and wished him a ‘good morning.'”

The guard then, allegedly, screamed, “don’t tell me good morning!” and started punching and kicking the officer.

The guard was arrested.

Robert Spencer reported at his JihadWatch site, a subsequent indictment was issued against the guard.

His report explained the officer had managed to pull a baton, and the guard fled into an Islamic facility there, where he locked the doors.

Later, the guard exited the mosque and was arrested, the report said.

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