AMA schools doctors on word manipulation to promote vaccinations

The American Medical Association is schooling doctors on word manipulation in its efforts to push the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to the American public, explains a report from Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and best-selling author in the field of natural health.

He wrote a column at NOQReport, and included a video from Stew Peters, revealing that the AMA COVID-19 Guide for winter 2021 includes a section on “Background/Messaging on Vaccines, Vaccine Clinical Trials & Combating Vaccine Misinformation.”

That, Mercola explains, “raises serious questions about the AMA’s adherence to transparency, honesty, ethics and the moral standards to which it will hold its members.”

He explains that the AMA not only has nine “key messages” for doctors to emphasize, like an advertising theme, but instructs in the use of certain words.

For example, they are told not to say coronavirus or COVID-19, but instead to use “pandemic,” and instead of “hospitalization rates,” use “deaths,” even though the words have completely different meanings.

It’s not “government”; it’s “public health agencies,” and instead of “consequences” for not taking a vaccine, it’s “the benefits of taking it.”

Doctors are told not to tell patients, “getting the vaccine is the right thing to do,’ but “getting the vaccine will keep you safe,” even if it does not.

“Discover-create-invent” isn’t appropriate, but “research” is, their recommendations say.

It’s no longer a “lockdown,” but a “stay-at-home order,” and COVID mandates are now “COVID protocols.”

Mercola explains the guide’s “key messages” stress the importance of eliminating nonmedical vaccine exemptions, the importance of flu vaccines and COVID shots, and expressing confidence in vaccine development

Mercola, whose career includes board certification by the American College Osteopathic General Practitioners, explained in a note above his column that, “You’ve probably heard that there’s a lot of disinformation surrounding Covid-19 ‘vaccines.’ If you heard it from the government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, or any of the various vaccine nannies doing their part to fight the so-called ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ they were talking about sites like this one or people like Dr. Joseph Mercola.”

The explanation continued, “The people who say our claims about the ‘vaccines’ are disinformation are either lying or so indoctrinated by Pandemic Panic Theater that they cannot recognize the clear truth. WE are not the ones who are spreading the disinformation. WE are not the ones claiming the Covid injections are ‘safe and effective’ when every ounce of evidence demonstrates there are neither. Our accusers are projecting, and thanks to the ‘arbiters of truth’ in corporate media, it seems to be working. The people who are getting the most airtime are the ones who are spreading the actual disinformation.”

That situation, the column explains, brings to mind Isaiah 5:20, which says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

The AMA, the column explains, is “going so far as to educate doctors on psychological manipulation tactics they can use to get vaccine skeptics to take the jabs. They are teaching doctors how to lie better, giving them tips and tricks on coercion, gaslighting, and intellectual subterfuge for the sake of defending their grand agenda.”

The report, in which Peters and Dr. Bryan Ardis joined, explains the guide is “aimed at teaching doctors how to foster confidence in the medical profession in general, as it pertains to treatment of COVID-19, but in particular as it pertains to the experimental COVID shots.”

Its messages include:

  • Express confidence in vaccine development
  • Stress the importance of vaccines
  • Highlight the need to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation
  • Adhere to updated ethical guidance for physicians and medical personnel, which says they have a moral obligation to get vaccinated themselves
  • Give general vaccine recommendations, such as the recommendation for everyone over the age of 6 months, including pregnant women, to get an annual flu shot
  • Stress the importance of eliminating nonmedical vaccine exemptions
  • Highlight the increased availability of flu vaccines, and the importance of getting a flu shot even if you’ve gotten a COVID injection
  • Highlight the importance of including minorities, both in vaccine trials and as trusted messengers who can “promote social pressure” to get minorities vaccinated and dispel historical distrust in medical institutions
  • Denounce scientific analyses “predicated on personal opinions, anecdote and political ideologies.”

“The AMA provides a full page of instructions on how to steer the conversation, and how to block, deflect and stall when faced with tough questions where an honest answer might actually break the official narrative,” the report said.

“Steer the conversation back to the narrative by saying: ‘Before we leave that matter, let me add …'” the report explains.

Asked an unwanted question? No problem. Say, “That’s a common misperception but the reality is …”

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