'American Marxism': Mark Levin warns America already in 'the abyss'


Radio-TV host and author Mark Levin, promoting his new book “American Marxism,” contends America “is not at the precipice looking in the abyss.”

“We are in the abyss trying to claw our way out of it,” he said in an interview on his Fox News show Sunday conducted by the network’s Pete Hegseth.

Hegseth, a “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host, noted that as in the early days of the Revolutionary War, most of the country “has been caught flatfooted and remains unengaged.”

“This book feels like your attempt to get people un-flatfooted and leaning forward. How do they do that?” he asked.

Levin said the first issue is to “know who our enemy is.”

“Now, I don’t say political adversary, I don’t say opponents, these are people who want to take down this country and they are well along the way,” he said.

The nation’s traditions “are under attack, things that you never believed in your lifetime you would hear or see are in executive orders or being pushed in these massive omnibus bills that Congress is pushing.”

“I used to call this statism. I’ve called it progressivism. The truth is, it is Marxism,” he said.

“These are hybrid forms of Marxism. These are Americanized forms of Marxism tailored to our country, tailored to our system.”

Black Lives Matter is an example.

“These are Marxists, they say they are Marxists that founded it. You read their original mission statement, they are filled with Marxist arguments,” Levin pointed out.

He believes his overall argument that the core elements of Marxist ideology are now pervasive in American society and culture is “bulletproof.”

“In other words, if you’re attacking me for calling this Marxism, then you need to attack these professors, these scholars, these intellectuals, because I cite them,” he said. “There’s over 400 endnotes.”

‘Promises heaven but delivers hell’

Hegseth asked why Marxist philosophy has been so enduring when it “constantly promises heaven but delivers hell.”

Levin replied that there are two types of people attracted to Marxism, those “who do not take responsibility for their own lives” and those who are “power hungry.”

Among the latter are tenured professors and people elected from Vermont, referring to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who “think they know how a country should work, despite all the examples of how horrendous and inhumane Marxism and its offshoots have been, a hundred million dead and God knows how many billions enslaved, you know, it just wasn’t done the right way.”

Such people, he said, are “anti-God, anti-faith.”

“They don’t see a higher power,” he said. “They see government as the power and it is all about power.”

The quest for power clearly is seen in how the Democratic Party operates, Levin said.

“It’s all about power,” he said. “They don’t want to change the voting laws because the concerned black people can’t vote. I don’t know where all these people are, who couldn’t vote. Where are they? What are their names? Where are their lawsuits? They have their voting rights.”

See the interview:

The Democrats’ open-border policy makes sense only through the lens of power, charging it’s an effort to “import Democrats.”

The party’s climate policies, Levin said, also don’t make sense.

“We have the cleanest air and cleanest water of any industrialized society on the face of the Earth,” he argued. “This isn’t about polar bears. This is about restructuring our society, so the centralized government and the bureaucracy and the Democratic Party are in control. If this is not an American form of Marxism, then what the hell is it?”

The influence of the radical left on Amerian society is coming to a head now, Levin said.

“And one of the reasons I think it’s come to the head is because year after year, the indoctrination in colleges and universities, you see what’s happened in journalism, journalism has changed completely. It’s always been liberal, but now it’s out of the closet.”

Levin emphasized that the nation has “reached a point where we’re going to either live in a free society or we’re not.”

His book has “10,000 words on solutions.”

“Now, I’m not the expert on solutions, but they are Mark’s ideas. I’ve been an activist 40 years,” he said. “I’ve served on a school board.

“There are a lot of people out there who are already doing a lot of things,” he continued. “But my goal is to galvanize us, to rally us, to network us, so we have a national movement, as we do with the Tea Party member of the Reagan Revolution, to the Trump Revolution, or however you want to talk about it.”

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