‘Baby boom’ reveals prevalence of child brides among Afghan refugees in U.S.


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A report from Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is warning of child brides among the thousands of Afghan refugees the Biden administration has delivered to American communities.

Greenfield, writing at JihadWatch, said it’s simply a matter of numbers that reveal the presence of young girls who are pregnant.

He explained, “When Biden’s Afghanistan retreat first brought tens of thousands of Afghans to the United States without any visas or vetting, officials at Fort McCoy warned about numerous incidents of Afghan child brides. Democrats and senior military officials have denied these allegations, but shocking new statistics out of Fort McCoy raise new questions of just how pervasive this is.”

He cited the numbers to support his concern about child brides.

First, he said, there have been 500 pregnant Afghans at Fort McCoy, in Wisconsin. But there were only 12,600 Afghans at the base originally, and that’s down to 7,000 now.

“According to the Pentagon, only 22% of Afghan evacuees across all the bases are adult women. Around half of the evacuees are children. Assuming that these numbers hold true for Fort McCoy, that would mean that it housed only 2,772 adult women,” he explained. “As the number of Afghan evacuees fell to around 7,000, most recently, the number of adult women would have averaged around 1,500. Even as its highest population mark, that would mean that 1 in 5 Afghan women were pregnant, while as its current number it would be 1 in 3.”

That’s all within five months, he pointed out.

But further, to understand the impact of the numbers, he noted Wisconsin, with six million residents, reported only about 60,000 births last year. “1.6% of the adult women in the state had a baby in one year, but between 18% to 33% of the Afghan women at Fort McCoy were pregnant during their time there,” he said.

“These staggering numbers reveal the massive speed with which Islamic colonization takes place, fueled by birth rates and then religious violence, but even with the high birth rates within Islam in general and in Afghanistan in particular, the Fort McCoy numbers are still too high.”

He said, “At 4.32 children per woman (as opposed to the American birth rate of 1.70), the Afghan birth rate is high, but 1 in 5 Afghan women (let alone 1 in 3) are still not pregnant at any given time. Some of the Afghan female refugees must be older which narrows down the population further. The only way to account for such a high pregnancy rate is by factoring in the underage girls.”

When the refugees arrived, Sen. Tammy Baldwin claimed, “There are no cases in Fort McCoy right now with a child, 15 or under, who is married.”

But Greenfield pointed out, “The careful wording by the former lawyer leaves plenty of room for loopholes. It does not address the question of whether there are any pregnant children, 15 or under. And it doesn’t even touch on how many 16 and 17-year-olds are pregnant. And, since many of the Afghan evacuees had no documentation, there’s no way to know if any of those 16-year-olds are actually 15, 14, or even 13, despite how old the men trafficking them claim that they are.”

He suggested the only way to “make sense” of the fact that there was a baby boom of 500 births, when adult women numbered only about 1,500, “is to include many of the underage girls.”

He explained, “For the men who bought and sold young girls for the trip, impregnating them is also a way to control them. It will be a lot harder for those girls to get away once they have a baby.”

“In all of Monroe County, there were only 534 births in 2017. The Afghan migrants are set to equal all of the American births in a county with a population of three-quarters of a million,” he marveled.

“When 12,500 Afghans can outnumber 741,770 Americans, what will happen when over 100,000 Afghans are brought to America? After Biden brought 53,000 Afghans to America, another 60,000 are waiting on visas in Afghanistan. That’s 113,000 Afghans and it’s just the beginning.”

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