Biden and the 'hypoChrisy' of Chris Hayes

Following the whopper of an effort by MSNBC television host Chris Hayes to distinguish one liar from another, modification of the word “hypocrisy” to the above spelling is warranted in his honor.

A recent flurry of criticism was triggered upon the discovery that Republican New York Rep.-elect George Santos had fabricated much of his background information. Santos initially pushed back on the criticism but eventually admitted to exaggerating things such as where he had gone to school, where he had worked and false claims about Jewish ancestry. He apologized, attempting to dismiss what he did more as embellishment rather than lying. It has triggered a federal investigation into his finances.

Whether it was embellishment or lying, what Santos did was clearly wrong. However, what is disingenuous is the reaction of Democrats who mercilessly attack Santos for lies that pale in comparison to the whoppers that have poured out of Joe Biden’s mouth during a political career spanning a half century and that continue on through today.

In fact, for those remembering the opening scene in the early 1970s television program “Kung Fu” in which a boyish David Carradine – called “Grasshopper” – is shown learning martial arts by a master, when it comes to lying, Santos is the grasshopper to Master Biden.

Biden has displayed zero concern for those impacted by his lies. One of his earliest occurred after he was first elected to the Senate in 1972 but before taking office. His wife at the time, Neilia, and three children (Beau, Hunter and baby daughter Naomi) were involved in a car accident that claimed the lives of Neilia and Naomi.

Despite the fact Neilia apparently had caused the accident and the truck driver, Curtis Dunn, heroically acted to save the car’s occupants, for decades afterward Biden erroneously suggested Dunn had been drinking. While Biden sought to curry sympathy for himself with this tale, his failure to ever apologize for it left the Dunn family devastated after their father’s 1999 death.

Biden became such a proficient liar he really seemed to believe he could get away with it. Yet, even after learning he could not, he continued to try. The plagiarism he committed in law school failed to discourage his later plagiarism as a senator in using others’ speeches as his own. He took this to the extreme of even using the original speaker’s words to falsely make claims about his own life simply because those words appeared in the original text – words such as he was the first member of his family to go to college. (Biden lied as his grandfather had gone to college.) Biden later had to drop out of his 1988 presidential campaign for lying about having graduated in the top half of his law school class when he really graduated 76 out of 85.

Now occupying the Oval Office and still undeterred about telling untruths, Biden can claim the title of Liar-in-Chief. While some may choose to dismiss his lies as the result of an 80-year-old mind lacking clarity on issues, it ignores the fact he has followed this pattern since age 29.

But what is astounding is to hear Democratic voices rant against Santos that have been woefully silent about Biden. Nor, for that matter, did we hear those voices speak out about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., false claim of Native American ancestry. The claim put her on an inside career track both to get a teaching opportunity and to run for the U.S. Senate.

Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., calls Santos a “pathological liar who’s defrauded the voters of New York state” adding, “he has lied systematically about nearly every aspect of his life.” If Santos fails to resign, Torres demands the House Ethics Committee investigate him. Torres claims – at least as far as being applicable to Republicans – “We have to send a clear message that if you defraud the voters you’re going to be held accountable. You’re going to be even prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Left unanswered is why Santos should resign if no similar demand is made of Biden.

Fellow Democrat Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., went ballistic on Santos, claiming his lies are “just the lowest form of humanity.”

Interestingly, both of the above Democrats chose to launch their attacks of Santos on liberal-friendly television programs (“The Reid Out” and “Morning Joe”), undoubtedly taking comfort in knowing no comparisons of Santos to Biden would be made. Additionally, one of the newspapers that rushed to demonize Santos was the New York Times, which refused such a rush in the case of Hunter Biden – taking 18 months to finally report that his indciting laptop is real.

But perhaps the most outrageous position taken by a liberal host trying to defend the president by distinguishing a lying Biden from a lying Santos was by Hayes, speaking from his platform of “All in with Chris Hayes.” The see/speak/hear-no-evil-when-it-comes-to-Biden promoter endeavored to do so with a straight face, explaining a line exists between “normal” politicians lying and conmen serially lying. He does not get off to a very good start in his explanation by saying, “It would have been quite a big deal if Joe Biden had a law degree,” when Biden, in fact, has one.

Hayes’ suggestion that whatever lies Biden tells are the “normal” ones of which all politicians are guilty is fatuous pettifoggery. For the lies Biden has told over the years are much more profound, going to the core of his character. They demonstrate he is a man of zero integrity.

There is a very obvious distinction that separates Santos and Biden when it comes to their character – one Hayes and the others completely ignore. While Santos has acknowledged his untruthfulness, Biden – for over five decades – has never done so. Biden’s lies about Dunn, especially after the truck driver had attempted to save the Neilia’s life, is what is most telling about Biden’s total lack of character.

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