Biden isn't 'kindly old' gaffe machine, he's a 'serial liar,' warns commentary

Joe Biden delivers remarks on Earth Day prior to signing an executive order strengthening the nation's forests, communities and local economies Friday, April 22, 2022, at Seward Park in Seattle. (Official White House photo by Chandler West)
Joe Biden delivers remarks on Earth Day prior to signing an executive order strengthening the nation’s forests, communities and local economies Friday, April 22, 2022, at Seward Park in Seattle. (Official White House photo by Chandler West)

Joe Biden has earned a reputation as a “gaffe machine” over his many years in the Washington swamp.

His supporters likely cultivate that idea as a way to cover for his verbal blunders, which of late have included calling out for a member of Congress who had died, and mistaking his own granddaughters.

But a new commentary at 1945 exposes him not as that mistake-prone but likable senior citizen, but as a “serial liar.”

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The commentary is from Peter Suciu, a Michigan-based writer who has had bylines in dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites with 3,000 published articles over a 20-year career.

He explains, “Rahm Emmanuel took the advice of the late Winston Churchill to never let a good crisis go to waste, but President Joe Biden has opted for a policy of never letting a good story go to waste … even if it isn’t true. Biden is a storyteller, who likely views himself as a wise sage sharing his personal tales to connect with the audience. Instead, he comes off like Grandpa Simpson with ramblings that are entirely nonsensical. He has also shown a tendency to repeat his favorite tales, even after the fact-checkers roast him for his outright lies. Either Biden doesn’t care, or is too isolated from reality to notice the reaction. Either way, we should be concerned.”

He notes it would be “easy to dismiss” Biden’s ramblings about ” being a truck driver, confronting a local drug dealer, or even his exchanges with a friendly Amtrak conductor,” if he was the man down the street.

“His ‘tall tales’ would seem harmless,” he said. But Biden isn’t.

“He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and is the most powerful man in the world,” Suciu wrote.

He continued, “There is a difference between telling wheelchair-bound Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham to stand up and be recognized, or calling to out recently-deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) at a White House event – and suggesting that at the time of the drafting of the Second Amendment American citizens couldn’t legally own cannons as part of his gun control efforts.

“It might seem the same, but the former are simple mistakes, while the latter is an example of Biden lying to make a point. And he did it repeatedly, even after such outlets as The Washington Post called him out. Clearly, someone on his staff must have explained that he was wrong after such a paper of record addressed the issue,” the commentary charged.

“But Biden likes the story, likes the reaction, the truth be damned. This is certainly a problem when so many academics and experts argue that the truth matters, that facts matter and that we need to confront misinformation and disinformation at every level.”

Suciu continued, “Much of Biden’s stories have tried to craft a narrative that suggests he’s a regular blue-collar guy, even when the facts show otherwise. However, last week Biden truly crossed the line. At a veteran’s event, he told a story about awarding his Uncle Frank the Purple Heart for actions during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Yet, as multiple outlets have reported, there is no evidence of the president actually awarding the medal to his uncle, while more importantly there is also no evidence Frank Biden had ever earned such an honor.

“Several outlets have questioned the timeline, noting that the dates don’t add up based on Biden’s story as both his father, Joe Sr. and his uncle Frank Biden had both passed away.”

Bigger problem, however, is “stolen valor,” and that’s not even new for Biden, who “lied repeatedly about his son Beau Biden being killed in Iraq,” the commentary said.

Beau Biden actually died of brain cancer in the U.S. in 2015.

Sucui said it is for a personal benefit, “goodwill and adulation,” that Joe Biden “tells all the stories.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “Climate Change Cult.” The “Anti-Racism Cult.” The “Cult of Wokeness.” The “LGBTQ Cult” and its predatory offspring targeting America’s children, the “Transgender Cult.” The “Cult of Abortion.” The “COVID Cult.” The “Cult of Globalism.” “TikTok Cults.” Every month the list grows.

To right-thinking Americans attempting to make sense of a nation seemingly gone mad, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the irrational, deranged – and often demonic – leftwing political and cultural movements currently capturing the minds of millions of Americans are nothing short of full-fledged cults.

Although the high priesthood of all these leftwing religious cults – i.e., university professors, academics and other Marxist ideologues and activists – may be true believers, the people actually wielding REAL POWER do not believe any of it. To them, these leftwing cults conveniently serve to disguise and distract “the rabble” from what the leader class is REALLY up to, which is the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and glory for themselves, and a total transformation of America and the world.

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