Biden spending plan promotes discrimination against Christians

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(Image courtesy Pixabay)

The executive editor of The Federalist has issued a warning that Joe Biden’s proposed $3.5 trillion welfare expansion would set up a deliberate discrimination against Christians across America.

Specifically, the “Build Back Better” entitlement bill “would require religious child-care providers to disavow longstanding theology about sex in order to receive federal child-care funds.”

In the report, U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., explained, “The Democrats went out of their way to make sure and prohibit religious care providers from receiving any of these funds, and unanimously rejected an amendment to allow all child-care providers to be eligible for grants, including religious providers.”

The warning comes from Joy Pullmann, of The Federalist. Her projects include “The Advent Prepbook” and “Classic Books for Young Children” and is working on “How To Control The Internet So It Doesn’t Control You.”

She explained, “Democrats’ legislation would create a new federally controlled child-care entitlement available to the majority of families in the nation. The legislation authorizes up to $20 billion in the program’s first year, $30 billion in its second, $40 billion in its third, and an unlimited amount after that. The estimated cost of this program over the next ten years is $400 billion.”

However, it specifically prevents any funding going to faith-based providers of child-care and pre-kindergarten.

“This means potentially forcing religious organizations to deny all theology that acknowledges basic truths about human biology and reproduction. Given the state of federal ‘nondiscrimination’ law, this could include forcing religious organizations to allow males into female bathrooms, hire transgender babysitters, and teach small children that men can turn themselves into women and that theologically condemned sex acts are in fact morally good,” she explained.

She noted about a third of American children under the age of five are in center-based care, and more than half of those families choose a religious facility.

And, she noted, the “Democrats’ bill would also likely dramatically increase the costs of childcare by increasing the licensing requirements for people the government pays to babysit tiny children. Most child care workers have low education levels, but states usually don’t raise their licensing requirements because that would reduce the availability of government-controlled child care.”

She explained various studies have shown a young child’s exposure to one-on-one interaction is important to that child’s development, and large-scale government-funded programs just don’t work well.

“The major existing such program, Head Start, has failed to improve attendees’ education and life prospects in all the quality research done on the program that has spent some $250 billion from taxpayers since it began in 1965,” she explained. “In fact, federal research has found that children who participated in Head Start later learned less in math and behaved worse than peers who didn’t participate.”

“The left is at war with religion and family-centered things. They think cradle to grave, government knows best,” Walorski said.

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