Biden's handling of immigration 'completely impeachable'

President Biden at the White House on Sept. 24, 2021, reacts to the accusation that Border Patrol agents on horseback whipped Haitian illegal immigrants (Screenshot by NowThisNews, via Twitter)

President Biden’s handling of immigration is a “completely impeachable” offense, contends a former senior adviser to President Trump.

Stephen Miller, who now leads a nonprofit he founded, America First Legal, told the Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” that Biden has “rubbished and trashed,” the nation’s immigration system, Breitbart News reported.

“What this president has done is he has turned Congress into a mere suggestion box,” Miller told host Mark Levin. “The entire Immigration and Nationality Act, which governs who can enter our country, how you apply for a visa, what rules you have to comply with, where you have to apply from – that entire system has been rubbished and trashed by this president as though he were an emperor.

“And so, it is completely impeachable,” Miller said.

Miller’s organization helps organize Republican attorneys general combat alleged executive branch abuses and files lawsuits of its own.

Each lawsuit, he told Levin, lays out how Biden “has violated the clear command of Congress and the clear command of the Constitution.”

In partnership with the state of Texas, Miller’s group won a lawsuit on Title 42, the Trump-era law allowing border officials to immediately turn back migrants from countries with severe outbreaks of communicable diseases. In another, the former Trump adviser said, the Biden administration was found, with regard to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “to have broken the law again and again and again.”

“And so, yes, these are impeachable crimes, absolutely, especially because he has not complied with the court injunctions when he loses these lawsuits,” Miller said.

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