Biden's new 'prison b–ch' program

Perhaps the most unfortunate male prison inmates are those who become prison “b—hes.” This role normally falls to the smaller, weaker male prisoners who are bullied by tougher ones into performing any and all tasks, including those of a sexual nature. A consequence of an executive order signed by President Joe Biden, protecting transgender athletes, is already having an enormous impact on female prison inmates who will find themselves on the short end of a master/slave relationship.

In his infinite wisdom, Biden has unilaterally decided there are no issues of concern in transferring male prisoners who identify as female to prisons established for female occupancy. Undoubtedly, there will now be numerous convicted male prisoners who, facing incarceration, will suddenly be getting in touch with their female side, feigning transgenderism to avoid the more brutal male prison environment.

Claiming such status will give them the opportunity to acquire their own personal b—h, or a harem of them, imposing their will upon unwilling women inmates. While it is currently possible to track transfers of transgenders to women’s prisons to monitor the impact, that capability will soon be lost as male prisoners declaring their transgenderism at the time of incarceration will fail to even enter the male prison system. One “tough guy,” bearded, male leader of an anti-government militia group, convicted of planting a bomb at a mosque and facing a 30-year prison sentence, suddenly announced he was a transgender female, obviously seeking the less threatening comfort – for him/her – of a women’s prison over that inhabited by males.

Among women’s prisons already receiving biological males, self-identifying as females, is the Central California Correctional Facility (known as “Chowchilla”) – the state’s highest security women’s prison in the state – and prisons in Washington state. Neither conditions entry of transgenders into their facilities on sex re-assignment surgery or on taking female hormones. A California bill that took effect in January requiring transgender relocations resulted in 300 male prisoners applying to be housed in a women’s prison. Recognizing the anticipated impact, California is already handing out condoms to female inmates. Like the wolf who dressed in grandma’s nightshirt to deceive Little Red Riding Hood, so too will many males simply claim transgenderism to gain easy access to their prey.

What will be the immediate impact of this initiative? It will put all female prisoners in harm’s way of brutal male transfer prisoners who cut out a section of the female population as their own “pride” – whether those women agree to such domination voluntarily or not. It will create a problem for prison officials who will find themselves having to deal with unplanned pregnancies and the legal issues arising in trying to determine who should get custody, outside the prison, of the infant after its birth. In California, there has already been at least one pregnancy as a result of its relocation policy where women describe conditions as “a nightmare’s worse nightmare.”

It is doubtful we will see a similar rush of female prisoners embracing transgenderism to seek transfers to male prisons, as they well know the brutal realities awaiting them should they do so.

There is one negative impact of this initiative that a naive Biden completely fails to grasp – one that will cause serious psychological problems for female prisoners. Many females in prison are there for violent crimes they committed only due to the influence of a brutal male who manipulated or beat them. As one critic points out, these women have learned that men “are frequently vicious and terrifying,” and now find themselves in an environment where “they will be trapped in close quarters with male bodies,” adding, “Being terrorized in this manner was never part of their sentence.” Effectively, a lioness, no longer threatened by the lion responsible for causing her incarceration, is being tossed back into the lion’s den.

There are two primary environments in which it makes absolutely no sense to equate those born female with those born male who later opt to become trans female: in competitive sports – especially where strength and speed are demanded – and in a prison environment where both biological sexes are forced to live together in an environment where strength rules. (A biologist who recently posted evidence from a peer-reviewed study on transexuals that trans women are stronger than biological women was silenced by Instagram.) On average, the male and trans female will always dominate the biological female, who physically possesses inferior strength and speed capability. This is not only evident from records set by each biological sex but also by looking at the U.S. Army’s physical fitness test. Modified to be gender-blind, demanding both sexes achieve the same results, many more women failed it as the Army now re-considers making the test more gender-specific. This disparity also became painfully obvious in a recent Mixed Martial Arts fight involving a biological female who was pummeled by her transgender opponent.

Women incarcerated in prison, upon sentencing, knew they were losing much as far as their rights and freedoms were concerned. But the one thing they all remain entitled to, and rightly anticipated upon entering the prison system, was that everything possible would be done to preserve their safety and security. Biden’s outrageous executive order even denies them that.

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