Big Tech's virtual reality: A tool of the devil

We don’t have to wait for Big Tech to develop virtual reality for the rest of us. We’re already living in a virtual reality, but ours is only partially of Big Tech’s making.

Rich people and rich nations both fall into the same trap. Their wealth and power give them the opportunity to adjust the reality of what they see around themselves every day to whatever they think it should be. We can add big nonprofits here, as well as the United Nations and its offspring.

In a totalitarian dictatorship like North Korea, or a mullah-occracy like Iran, only the ruling political or religious leaders have access to enough resources to “repurpose” the squalor within their nation and adjust their own reality as they see fit.

Big Tech oligarchs here in America have opted for the North Korean model, since they don’t much care for worshiping other gods. They surround themselves with a handful of well-paid stagehands, who in turn arrange the reality their boss sees every day to reflect his liking.

To boost profitability Big Tech oligarchs turn to special work visas that enable them to fill their lower tier jobs with people they can keep on a tight leash. Thus, “Thy will be done, oh Master,” rules the coding rooms. Annoying people outside the organization can be “de-existed” from search engines and social media platforms, while virtual reality countesses are elevated to positions of societal leadership.

It’s the foreigners on special work visas who do the work of keeping the empire running every day, and of doing so with the right attitude. American employees might actually have some qualms about coding Big Tech’s virtual “reality” world, because of its implications for our real world. Or they might decide that with the company doing so well, it can afford to pay them more, give them better benefits, up their retirement contributions, or some other silly fantasy like that. Greed used to be one of the seven deadly sins, but it seems to have disappeared from America’s list of sins some time ago.

We as citizens look to our government to protect us from the fallout of Big Tech’s infinite greed. Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! The people we elected to run our government have a fantasy every bit like the Big Tech oligarchs who elected them. Yes, our elected representatives want their own virtual reality: The citizenry works for them and pays for the creation and maintenance of their egos. It’s a place where they can use the power of government not to serve their fellow citizens, but to rule over them and implement their own virtual “reality.”

If our government “servants” decide that their version of virtual reality requires a pandemic to implement amongst the governed, then so be it. As Mussolini said during the height of his power in Italy, after his car struck a child, “It is only a child. What is the life of a child in the affairs of a great state?”

In the end, “virtual reality” is a great misnomer. There is no “holodeck,” and there is not going to be one. There is only one reality, and that is the reality established by our Creator God. It’s the universe around you and the immune system within you that fights to keep you alive.

The truth is, humanity was created to live both within the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Did God not walk with Adam and Eve in the midst of the Garden of Eden, before the Fall? In God’s original creation we were made inhabitants of both realms. Satan’s virtual reality for Eve dimmed that reality in the Garden, but Christ fully restored it for us, at great cost, on the Cross.

Big Tech, social media and their myriad followers have nothing to do with God’s reality; they are in fact a corrupting influence Satan is using very effectively to keep humanity at war with itself. Other people are not the enemy: Satan’s lies and his virtual realities are the enemy.

To the extent that we turn away from Satan’s virtual reality, and embrace God’s created reality, all the fake, virtual realities lose their power over us. When we fight our battles against other people on the platforms of Satan’s creation, we embrace his lies as our reality. In all of human history, that strategy has never turned out well for humanity. Much of modern theology really does place God at the center of everything, but leaves him powerless to affect the outcome of anything. We are living in the midst of God’s wake-up call to the churches and the nations. His Remnant Church already knows this.

The term “virtual fantasy” would be far more accurate to describe all the lies and confusion competing for our attention today. Any nation that pursues its leaders’ virtual reality fantasies is on a collision course with God’s created reality. His is the only reality that exists today, has ever existed, or ever will exist. It is far larger, more expansive and more wonderful than even many Christians understand. People who pursue Satan’s fake realities are doomed not only to participate in the collapse of their fantasies, but to have all of eternity to consider what went wrong in their “simulation.”

Left Behind left out a few things. They are in my Armageddon Story.

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