Bloodbath: Al-Qaida urges 'lone wolf' terrorists to exploit U.S. civil unrest

Protest in New York City of the death of George Floyd (screenshot)

An al-Qaida-promoting magazine called Wolves of Manhattan is urging supporters in Western nations to exploit the civil unrest in America and carry out lone-wolf attacks during protests.

Published April 14 by the pro-al-Qaida publisher Jaysh Al-Malahim Al-Electroni (Electronic Battle Army), the magazine features an article titled “The Lone Wolf And The Protests,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The article provides tips on which kinds of protests are easier and more effective to infiltrate. And it says a lone wolf should choose a “massive chaotic protest,” preferably at night, that take places daily and contines for a long time.

The terrorists should disguise themselves as protesters and pretend to have similar views to infiltrate the protesters and steer them to violent actions, such as car ramming, the article recommends.

“This way, you will kill a large number of Crusaders because they are all gathered. Besides, this act will have other implications, as you can incite the protesters against the police, whom you will claim to be the ones who sent this man to ram them. You will be able to enrage the protesters to steer them to fight with the police.”

It urges the jihadists to remember “that all of the Crusaders are jointly with their government in war against Islam.”

‘Invade for the sake of Allah’

The article also points out that attacking during a protest allows lone wolves to bring knives and Molotov cocktail without raising suspicion. Additionally, the magazine says, laws concerning rioters often don’t impose penalties such as those imposed on lone wolves.

“Everyone [during a protest] is violating the law so if you got arrested – Allah forbid – your sentence will be different from that of a lone wolf,” the article says.

“So, Wolves of Manhattan everywhere, go to protests and demonstrations to carry out your operations. Invade for the sake of Allah. Remember that an apostate and his killer will never meet in Hell. These protests are an opportunity presented to you on a golden platter. They are easy to infiltrate with Allah’s permission. Do not waste this precious chance and remember that you are avenging your people in Palestine, Burma, Kashmir, and everywhere,” concluded the article.

MEMRI noted that the first issue of the magazine, released November 2020, had articles encouraging supporters in the West to exploit COVID-19 conditions, such as the use of facial masks to hide their identity.

The magazine offers a reward in Bitcoin worth $60,000 to the first person who kills a police officer in a Western country. The reward is available only to a Christian, Jew or atheist,  the announcement states.

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