Border crisis? For Biden, silence is the solution

The end of the year already – and yet our problems don’t seem to change.

One problem this country faces is the situation at our border with Mexico. If one were to hear what President Biden has to say about it – well, crickets. You would think there is nothing unusual about what goes on there, day after day, week after week, month after month. There is no end to the crisis, nor his silence.

Talk about a man ignoring the demands of his job. He is the president, after all, and one would hope he would be concerned about this very real attack on his country by illegal aliens from around the world, who swarm the border, get into this country, and become a financial and social burden on American citizens.

But no. Joseph Biden shuts his eyes and ears to the situation, and Americans bear the burden.

The towns and cities along the border are the first places to feel the impact of the thousands – no, millions – of illegal aliens who continue to invade our country.

I saw a newspaper headline from the Wall Street Journal – “Migrant Surge Overwhelms El Paso.”

The situation there is described as being near the breaking point. More than 5,000 migrants were at the border on that one day, ready to cross, yet the city is at a loss of how to handle the situation. The five shelters for the homeless in the city are already full of migrants, not American homeless.

Title 42, a Trump administration pandemic-era plan to handle illegal arrivals, has stayed in effect during the Biden administration despite efforts to end it. This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Title 42’s expiration be delayed until a hearing is held in February. Meanwhile, federal estimates were that the number of illegal crossings could exceed 5,000 per day.

According to El Paso’s deputy city manager for Public Safety, Mario D’Agostino, the city needs help from the federal and state governments. He said the city has spent $9.5 million on the problem since July, and the feds have reimbursed them $2 million. Another $3.5 million is expected from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but there is no firm date as to when that will happen.

For the citizens of El Paso, it can’t happen soon enough because they are financially handling the costs of this invasion. While the promises from Washington are there, nothing visible is being done to alleviate the problem.

It’s too easy to just consider that the city has to deal with the mass of humanity – but there is also the problem of what happens to those people once they are in this country. Not only where do they live, but where do they work, and what does that do to the local employment situation? And what about the children? There are thousands of them – some with family, some not. Who cares for them? Are they schooled? What about their health? And what happens if they have no relatives here?

I, for one, would like to hear President Biden address some of those questions and so many others. At this point, we have no idea what he thinks about this and what he plans to do about it. Quite frankly, the feds just giving money to El Paso and other cities like it does nothing to solve the basic problems those areas face.

But if you are Joseph Biden, silence is the solution. He just ignores the problem that faces El Paso and the hundreds of towns and cities both on the border and elsewhere.

Those illegals continue to cross into Texas and other states and are being released by immigration authorities by the thousands. Eventually, they are spread across the country. Where and how many? Who knows? We’ll never get a response from Biden, who is, lest we forget, the president of this country. The border is his responsibility. He ignores it and instead vacations in the Caribbean.

Thanks, Joe.

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