Chuck Norris: My hero, friend, Christian brother – my inspiration

You may have noticed the moniker of this column, the “alias,” you might say, is “BETWEEN THE LINES.”

It always has been – long before there was a WND, which goes back 25 years.

Why “between the lines,” you may ask? It means to infer something (from something else); to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly. If you read between the lines, you understand what someone really means, or what is really happening in a situation, even though it is not said openly.

Do you know what I mean?

Today, however, I’m just going to say something outright – no disguises, no pulling punches, no beating around the bush.

I truly love Chuck Norris. He’s my hero, my friend, my Christian brother, my inspiration. And the funny thing is I rarely see him in these strange times in which we live. I take him altogether for granted – which means, for me, the matter is settled.

The reason I write this today is because he and I think alike. I don’t have to talk to him regularly to know it. At a heart level, we see eye-to-eye.

Do we agree America is the greatest country ever devised by man? Yes.

Do we think Israel is the greatest country ever created by God? Yes.

Things like that – and so much more.

Why am I bearing my soul about this?

Because he just wrote a column in WND that took my breath away – truly.

It was about the state of the nation and world – and what you need to do about it.

It began: “I’m definitely not an alarmist or fear monger, and I dislike those who are. Succumbing to fear literally robs us of life and paralyzes us from achieving our best. At the same time, I don’t believe in sticking our heads in the sands of ignorance or denial. I believe in having a plan, a back-up plan and preparing for the future in case of emergency. That includes preparing even for events we pray will never happen, like nuclear or civil war.”

A timely warning and issued so eloquently. Please read the column today – and heed it!

I was moved by it – and I have been a “survivalist” most of my life. So, is my wife, Elizabeth.

It was like a wake-up call!

It was very real.

So much is happening to this nation and world now that we have been both expecting and dreading at the same time.

But we’re talking about all these things as if they are somehow unrelated. They’re not. They are “harbingers,” as another dear friend would say – Jonathan Cahn, a man who was prepared by God for a time such as this.

Chuck wrote: “A few years ago, I wrote on the topic: ‘What the government and media won’t tell you one nuke can do.’ The column discussed the very real threat of electromagnetic pulses, or EMP, that could knock out the power grid for months across the whole U.S. from a high-altitude detonation of a single nuclear warhead in the skies above us.”

I, too, wrote about that. In fact, I BROKE it. But I write so much I have neglected to revisit it – just because there’s so much to cover. That is no excuse, though.

We need to be thinking on things like this as we never have before. The hour is late.

“Imagine what would be the impact on our economy and your life if an EMP hit America simultaneously with an imminent global food crisis?” Chuck wrote. “Is that really so far-fetched when (Joe) Biden himself recently confessed that the food shortage ‘is going to be real’?”

God bless Chuck Norris for issuing this timely reminder to all of us. It’s worth the list of things he and his wife, Gena, prepared that we need to think about. They’ve done the hard work for us.

Every day, we see more of the kinds of economic and global conditions that can put us and our families at risk, the events we have to be prepared for – for ourselves, our loved ones and for the God who loves us all.


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