Clueless celebrity of the week rips our flag

There are worn out old doormats, angry at the world with nothing constructive to offer or contribute for the betterment of society as a whole. And then there is Macy Gray. Gray is a frightening image of womanhood along the lines of Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, the Obama woman and Stacey Abrams with or without makeup. And like Oprah Winfrey, Gray has aged about as well as a can of oysters left opened in the sun for several days. And while I will admit to being overly generous in my assessment of Gray’s appearance, it is her view of the United States flag for which she deserves the harshest rebuke.

With that said, I will concede that Gray has the natural right to despise the historical fixtures we as true Americans cherish and hold in primacy. Things such as God, family, church, the national anthem and, specifically, the flag that flies proudly over America.

This brings me to the point Gray has determined: “America’s ready to walk away from its national flag … that the time has come for a new design.” She finds our flag “tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect … just like the Confederate Flag.”

As I said, I concede without objection that she has the natural right to condemn the symbol of our great nation. But that does not mean I am willing to waive my God-given natural right to condemn Gray for her immeasurable boorishness. She doesn’t get a free pass from me.

I happen to be proud of my country, the United States of America, just as the overwhelming majority of Americans are. We’re proud of our flag because it represents the freedom we have and that many of our ancestors and family members died or shed blood to ensure.

When I hear Erebusic fools like Gray make such assertions I’m reminded how poorly invested in America they are. They take, they complain, but they don’t honor the lives of those who made it possible for her kind to say such things and not end up in prison or a potter’s field.

The America flag represents freedom. Old Glory represents the guarantee that no foreign government will ever lay siege to our soil and dictate our way of life. The homosexual flag represents debauchery and amorality, but it doesn’t represent freedom. But I digress.

The red, black and green flag that was the symbol of diminishment under the guise of “black empowerment” when the “revolution come,” was just another form of emotional and behavioral subjugation. The United States flag is a constant reminder that when necessary we fight to retain our freedom against foreign (and today domestic) enemies. I cannot look at the Stars and Stripes without thinking of the courage imbued and embodied in my flag’s history.

The United States flag has flown for freedom nearly 250 years. Those such as Gray stand for immorality, drugs, abortion, sexual amorality, Godlessness and regressive tribal barbarism.

It’s not surprising that she opines: “The stark white stripes should be off-white … the stars themselves should be changed to reflect every skin tone of melanin in … the nation.”

Here again Gray’s ignorance is graphically portrayed. The color of every skin tone in America is displayed in the red stripe of our flag.

I’ve an ancestor buried in Arlington National Cemetery. My ancestors and family members have fought in every war including the Revolutionary War. Was the blood they and their brothers shed not one color? Doesn’t the Great Seal of the United States read: “E Pluribus Unum“? Do those words not mean “Out of many, One”?

Gray has the intellectual capacity of a cornhusk and the gravitas of the Sasquatch she so closely resembles. I will without hesitation acknowledge her natural right to bastardize my flag. I will without hesitation acknowledge her natural right to belittle and lie about our personal friends and family members who shed blood fighting to keep foreign oppression from our streets and fighting to protect the lives of our allies around the world. I will without hesitation acknowledge her natural right to rake in millions of dollars vis-a-vis commonality and crude misogynistic vulgarity called cultural art form. I acknowledge her natural right to present herself in the manner and fashion of whoredom on so-called talk shows where she discusses kissing women and her insatiable appetite for male organs. But I won’t surrender my right to address her insults.

My friends died in Vietnam. My father fought in World War II. My uncle shed blood in WWII when the jeep he was driving was blown through the air with him in it. I have family members who fought in Korea. My cousin after whom my mother named me talked of how it was necessary to use urine to cool their weapons.

Macy Gray has no clue what the flag of the United States of America factually represents. We understand that her kind is applauded for saying stupid things – but they’re applauded by her kind, not by real Americans invested in what the flag factually represents.

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