Contending with God for the nations

Most of America has lost sight of who God actually is. Over a single lifetime, God’s enemies have erased his contributions from schools, government, corporations, entertainment, family, church and the public square itself.

Those opposed to God did this by spouting lies; the very lies that they heard from the Father of Lies, whom they worship. Therefore Creation did not happen at the hands of a loving God as explained in Genesis. Instead, everything arose from nothing, all by itself. Look! Here’s the mathematical formula. Well, BFD. Tomorrow it will be different, but the outcome will still be the same. BS Incorporated and paid for at taxpayer expense. The schools actually taught your children this ridiculous nonsense. They pass it on to their children. What was your pushback? Or did you obediently fall into line?

If you can believe the lie that everything arose from nothing, then perhaps you can believe that gender (a language term) is the same as sex (a biological term), and we have a multitude of any and all kinds of each. And … if you can be taught to believe that, you can be taught to despise your nation’s past, make amends for its present and suppress its destiny. Like a robot in the repair shop, you can be reprogramed to believe that America’s freedom and existence has been evil from the day the Pilgrims washed up on our shore, that God is a myth, that the Green New Deal is our salvation and that the only commandment given for the world to live by is, “Do what thou will.”

Can you be taught all of that?

If lies didn’t work, Satan would have long ago stopped using them. But we see today from big media and big government that lies still work perfectly well to accomplish their objectives over humanity. Satan is opposed to God’s will for humanity. In fact, he wouldn’t be pushing so hard to rid the world of America and Israel, two nations that God has chosen to repair the damage to the world.

One of the things that almost all of us in the modern world have lost sight of is that God does actively intervene in human events, not only individually, but at a national level as well. Which is to say that God causes some nations to rise and others to fall, through His interventions, direct and indirect. God uses nations as well as individuals to accomplish His purposes on the earth and to control the course of human history.

Most churchgoers would accept that God, as recorded in the Bible, intervened numerous times on behalf of the nation Israel and against its enemies. Yet today many of those same churchgoers would vehemently argue that God has abandoned America because of its crimes (sins) against Him — and that that’s that. The end.

In other words, God intervened among the nations in the past, but He doesn’t do that anymore. It’s kind of like the elephant in the church underneath the balcony: Everyone knows its there, but nobody talks about it.

But what if God is intervening among the nations right now, right under our noses? What if God has an agenda, but it’s not our agenda, and therefore we can’t see it because we won’t see it? What if God’s agenda is exactly what He said it was, after the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19 NIV).

Do nations become Christian after we convert enough of the people living there? Or do people living there become Christians after the nation adopts Christian principles in its government, business, schools, entertainment, families, churches and prospers accordingly, and then the people decide that living in a Christian nation is a good thing?

Christians, and indeed many churches, seem to have abandoned the idea that God is still actively involved in human history and can indeed intervene at the regional and national level to alter a nation’s thinking, behavior and destiny. We are created beings with limits; God is pre-existant and without limits.

When we see those who oppose godly government and a godly nation contending against us and blocking our action, do we also assume that they are able also to block God’s actions? True Christianity doesn’t attempt to bring God down to our size, so we can better understand Him. True Christianity seeks to elevate us to a partnership with God, where we are working on what He is working on. Therefore nothing shall be impossible to us.

  • If a nation is contending against God, that nation can expect to be removed.
  • If a nation’s government is contending against God, expect that government to be removed.
  • If a political party is contending against God, extinction lies in their future.
  • If media behemoths are contending against God, they can expect their demise in a rapid and spectacular manner.
  • If a business or entertainment empire is contending against God, they can expect a rapid and unpleasant demise. He is no respector of persons (or corporations).

In a sense, it is as if we are once again contending for the Creation narrative. If God created everything, including us, then we have a responsibility to God for how we treat his creation, including other people. If we all arrived in a pre-cosmic burp, we can easily fall into the trap of “he who dies with the most toys, wins.” Don’t believe it. He who dies with the most toys, still dies.

I look for God’s supernatural shaking to reorder our world in the immediate future. This is not likely to be pleasant, but it is very biblical. I encourage you to align your will with His, and as some say, “enjoy the show.” Do you really think that God intends to surrender his Creation to Satan?

I didn’t think so.

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