Corruptocrat Democrats, mean tweets and WWIII

Well, good job, Democrats! You got rid of those mean Trump tweets. At least you took care of what was really important during the last national referendum on world peace.

Yup, the Democratic Party is all about “doing the right thing,” as long as there is no substance to their actions. (By the way, have you ever heard of doing the left thing?) Well, it looks to me like “doing the left thing” means dividing Americans over race, income, schools, religion and anything else that is easily divisible – so the divide-and-conquer strategy can be employed to fragment the resistance. That’s an easy task when you’ve got Big Media and Big Tech, both with their hands in your pocket, searching for Uncle’s wallet.

Republicans have their problems, so don’t give them a pass. Often, however, the problem Republicans face is cleaning up the most recent Democratic mess. Take for instance when Obama was president: He moved the most dangerous biological-weapons research facilities to Ukraine. Treaties? What treaties? Everybody breaks treaties! As VP, Slow Joe was right there to help with the move. Ten percent for the Big Guy.

Of course, they took precautions. Rumor is that Slow Joe set up a residential compound in Ukraine to keep an eye on things. It’s always amazing how our political leaders get so many gifts from foreigners, when they are supposed to be making life better for Americans.

I guess American Democrats just have generous friends. It’s always easy to be generous with other people’s money. Ordinarily, generosity costs you something, which is why it’s good for the soul. But then, politicians make the laws to benefit themselves. They hated Trump because he never fit in at their parties.

Speaking of buying and selling, it’s a pity about the economy, isn’t it? Maybe if Trump had used all that tariff income to pay off Democratic elites, rather than farmers hurt by imports, world peace would have lasted longer. Yup, World Peas are a fickle crop that requires just the right amount of both foreign and domestic fertilizer, irrigation and tending by corruptocrats, bureaucrats and their wealthy influencers. Heaven forbid any of the elites should have to use their own money to influence elections!

Speaking of corruptocrats, let’s not forget the Republicans – especially the ones who have been in office forever. Maybe the term bipartisan really means spreading the graft and corruption around, in case anyone from the other party wants some. That’s why term limits was always a good idea, and Congress should have embraced it, not sidelined it. Maybe We the People should try again, running initiatives to replace congressional retirements with retirement at Gitmo. Retirements were never suitable for elected officials.

Speaking of bad ideas, isn’t it great that the corruptocrats created the income tax and the Federal Reserve, to make sure that the government always had enough money to spend taking care of us in our old age? Oh, wait! That’s Social Security, funded separately. Remember the “Lock Box”? Ha ha ha! The only Lock Box that will ever work is on Gitmo.

Back to Democrats’ ideas. Oh wait, it’s empty! Maybe the great irony is that Twitter, home of the mean tweet during the Trump years, may actually be sold to someone who cares about encouraging important conversations, instead of silencing dissenting ideas. But it’s so easy to build virtue-signaling castles in the twitosphere when all competing ideas are banned. It’s much harder when competing ideas are protected in their infancy and allowed to grow, as other people attack and embellish them.

I guess that once the nation decided that unborn babies were OK to kill because they were inconvenient, we should have seen cancel culture coming. The inconvenient truth is that the Democratic Party is addicted to killing both the next generation and the next great idea, because it might not be convenient to have either born. They are also committed to forced medical procedures, because America is really a big collection of Guinea pigs and lab rats, and the corruption Democrats’ survival depends upon the financial success of Big Pharma, which now wants to mandate remaking us through our DNA, so we will be easier to take care of (control).

The latest Democratic goal seems to be the abolition of capitalism and transformation of America’s economy into communism. “Workers of the world, unite! Give us control over what businesses can exist in the nation.” We will run everything for you. Look to North Korea and the former Soviet Union to see how that worked out for ordinary people. Workers in the old Soviet Union had an expression for it: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” The Communist Party had control over everyone, so Democrats will never give up on the idea.

Democrats, it seem to me, have a God complex. They don’t like the One who already exists, so they are always trying to replace Him. That little plan started before humanity even existed, and Satan still holds the starring role. No one has been successful in implementing it worldwide yet, but that won’t stop them from trying. Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media are all trying to cancel God. It’s a fools errand, but at least for the moment, there seems to be a plentiful supply of fools, ready to pledge their allegiance to The Father of Lies in return for his promises. The promises of Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media are every bit as reliable as those that come from The Father of Lies.

You can spend your time watching for World War III to erupt, if you like. I’m spending my time watching God clean up the mess Satan has wrought among humanity. We can shift our view of things, but God can shift the actual things into something else. In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in an Old Testament world. God has no limits. There is nowhere to hide. Evil, and evil people, are being removed from the earth.

The first thing we learn in the Bible is that God created it all, including us. If you understand what that means, you will understand that there is not going to be a WWIII; there is not going to be a Great Reset; and one-world government is still Satan’s little fantasy, not our future. — home of the Armageddon Story novel series. Vol. 4 Earth’s Final Kingdom now available.

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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