Facebook deletes my 100% truthful post

It’s a fact that we’re living in the end times. Nothing is more representative of the demonic zeitgeist we live than the suppression of truth in all forms, which places Facebook on top of the heap of those championing lies over truth.

On May 16, 2021, I wrote a post on Facebook, every sentence of which was absolute truth. However, the arbitrarians at Facebook once again made it clear that truth was not welcome – and truth most certainly wasn’t welcome by someone such as myself.

Virtually minutes after my completing and posting the piece, my account was frozen and my access denied. It was apparent that all forms of truth are dealt with punitively on Facebook. Evidence of the company’s dishonesty was that my penalty went from freezing my account to instructing me to remove the post to Facebook arbitrarily removing it, claiming it violated their community standards, after which they unlocked my page.

I wrote:

“The following is truth that [many black] people are afraid to own. It is easier to shrug it off by claiming it to be no worse than that of white people. The problem with that mindset is that it denies personal responsibility.

“[Many] blacks today have made a mockery of ‘moral standards,’ behaving in ways that are counter productive to every quantifiable level of propriety. Based upon athletic ability, blacks attend colleges and universities that Dr. King could only dream of seeing blacks attend. But many of these athletes are absent the morals Dr. King referenced. They engage in rape, gang rape, drugs, violence and irresponsibility resulting in out-of-wedlock babies that most times grow up fatherless.

“Dr. King fought for blacks to enjoy their God-given right to attend any institution they desired and were qualified to attend. Today blacks are dropping out and flunking out of institutions of higher education at an alarming rate. And those who are not, are demanding segregated housing, dining halls, homecoming events, graduations, commencements, ad nauseam. Dr. King was murdered fighting to end segregation, and these people are committed to reintroducing it.

“Dr. King lived through a period in time, when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) threatened to murder blacks, and he condemned same. Since his death, [upwards of] 30 million black women have murdered their unborn babies.

“Dr. King spoke reverently of God, and he besieged the God of heaven to protect children. Obama, the so-called black president, invoked the blessings of God upon Planned Parenthood, the primary exterminator of blacks, as he smilingly said Planned Parenthood does good work.

“In Dr. King’s lifetime, the KKK wasn’t close to being as prolific in exterminating blacks as Planned Parenthood or even blacks themselves. In 2015, blacks were responsible for killing 8,000 other blacks annually. ‘Between 1976 and 2011, 279,284 blacks were killed, with 262,621 of them being killed by another black person. That means 94% of all blacks were murdered by another black.’ (See: ‘Razing Statues Won’t End Blacks’ Destructive Behavior,’ 9/11/2011.)

“Dr. King was concerned with family and self-determination. When Dr. King participated in the signing of the Civil Rights Acts in 1964, 87% of families that were black had married two-parent households. Forty percent of blacks were business owners. Today over 70% of black children grow up in single-parent homes, in which the parent can barely afford a pizza.

“Blacks are not yet finished trying to reach absolute bottom. Today their complaints are that white people owe them sleep because of slavery. Today blacks condemn Jesus because he is too white looking. Demon-led imposters teach that blacks are from a lost tribe of Israelites. I will agree that these people are a tribe and they are lost.”

What did I say untrue? The answer is NOTHING! Every single word I wrote was absolute fact – realities I’ve written and spoken about countless times.

I argued the same points when I debated former President Bill Clinton’s adviser on civil rights, the late UC Berkeley professor Ronald Takaki. The debate was hosted at UC Santa Barbara, March 2007, which makes Facebook’s censorship even more egregious.

In that hotbed of liberalism, during a high-profile debate with every description of media coverage, there was no censorship. Obviously, Facebook subscribes to a more draconian practice of silencing the truth.

Concealing and denying the truth is the basis of Communism 101 – but Facebook is incapable of silencing those like me. The more they try the louder our voices become.

Facebook is the sardonic personification of severe dysgenesis. I won’t be silenced, which is exactly why I’m going to personally post this on Facebook.

If I don’t speak out on issues of skin color, who will?

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