Fake Christians and their impact on the culture

As of July 1, 2021, there were an estimated 249 million adults aged 20 or older living in the U.S. Of this population group, 63% are self-identified Christians.

So, roughly 156 million Americans proclaim to be Christians. But, if this is true, then why is everything so upside down culturally? Fairly simple answer: Fake Christianity and the lack of recognition of an objective authoritative source of truth vs. a subjective version, illustrating that much of this “Christian” base is really nothing more than counterfeit, easily influenced by the culture and considerably different than the authentic version.

Pastor John MacArthur illustrates this in his sermon “The Authoritative Nature of Truth.” He states:

“Authentic Christianity understands that the Scripture and the Bible is objective. It is absolute divine truth. No person has ever had, in himself, any idea or any experience or any thought or any intuition that determines the truth. The truth is already determined by God and revealed in Scripture. No human individually, no humans collectively, are sources for establishing the truth. Neither is any angelic being a source for establishing the truth. That’s why Paul says, if anyone – anyone – even an angel from Heaven teaches you anything other than this truth, let him be cursed.”

The liberal culture has manufactured their own false reality based upon what they perceive to be true, which could not be more warped and antithetical to what is. However, truth is not subjective, nor personal; it’s clearly objective and always defined by Scripture. So, due in part to a growing number of compromising “Christians” and pastors, truth has become this fluctuating set of culturally driven standards, which are never supposed to be offensive. But as MacArthur points out, “Scripture is God’s truth, whether it affects anybody or nobody. It is God’s truth whether you agree with it or disagree with it, like it or don’t like it.” The truth is offensive, and there will always be a fixed animosity between the culture and authentic Christianity. The divide or chasm between the two could not be any wider than it currently is.

MacArthur points out that opinions or feelings have no bearing on what is true, noting, “It is not a clay model to be shaped into any form by anyone who wants to shape it. Give up any ground on the fact that the Bible itself is the revealed truth of God, objective, external, absolute, give up any ground at that point and what you have left is not worthy to be called Christianity, even if it has vestiges of Christian lingo and symbolism. In fact, many who would call themselves Christians today are using the language of Christianity, the symbolism of Christianity, but their real source of authority is something inside of them or something inside someone else that they think is a prophet or a seer or someone in touch with God.”

There are two main reasons so many purported Christians embrace the Democratic Party platform, which is the antithesis of Christianity and any standardized Christian truths.

  1. The compromising, or consumer-friendly church and pastors – which substitute the “offensive” truths of Scripture with more culturally friendly versions, which make their respective congregations happy instead of accountable. This type of a church is analogous to a rotting apple, which starts from the inside, the pastor, and works its way out to the congregation.
  2. Christian anorexia: a total failure of far too many Christians to take the time, discipline and persistence to study Scripture, understand the basic truths and reject any empty philosophy that departs from it. Too many “Christians” are biblically illiterate.

As a result, our government is now run by, and our society driven by, reprobate minds, where lying has become an attribute, truth has become offensive, and self has become their god.

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