Feds allowing pilots to fly 48 hours after COVID shots

Federal regulators in the United States are allowing pilots to fly shortly after they accept the experimental COVID shots, despite all sorts of potential complications, based on special rules that abrogate the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard ban on unapproved medications.

The Epoch Times reports that standard FAA rules ban pilots from flying if they take products “approved less than 12 months ago.”

However, faced with the COVID pandemic and its various experimental shots, the agency is allowing pilots to fly as early as 48 hours after “injections in their bodies which were NEVER approved by the FDA at all.”

“Amid widespread confusion about the availability of the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine, The Epoch Times did an investigation in October and discovered that the approved Comirnaty version of the vaccine was still not commercially available in the United States. Pfizer says it’s the same vaccine that originally received emergency use authorization.”

A team of lawyers and doctors wrote to the FAA, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Justice and several airlines expressing concern.

The letter asks that that vaccinated pilots be medically flagged, and they need to be re-examined for blood clotting problems and more.

“The Federal Aviation Agency is charged with ensuring the safety of the flying public. Instead, as we speak the FAA, as well as the commercial airline companies, are acting in contravention of their own federal aviation regulations and associated guidance which tells medical examiners to NOT issue medical certifications to pilots using non-FDA approved products,” human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas, told The Epoch Times.

Dundas is the primary author of the letter.

“The title of the section I’m talking about literally says ‘Do Not Issue—Do Not Fly’ and then instructs medical examiners to ‘not issue’ medical certifications to pilots using products that the FDA ‘approved less than 12 months ago.’ … The pilots are flying with products which are not even recently approved—in violation of the above wording—they are flying with injections in their bodies which were NEVER approved by the FDA at all (as no COVID vaccine which is commercially available in the U.S. has received FDA approval),” Dundas told the Times.

Dr. Pete Constantine Chambers, D.O.. who has practiced medicine for 25 years, added, “Unfortunately, several of my soldiers have experienced hospitalizations for serious diagnoses to include brain hemorrhages, myocarditis, anaphylaxis, pulmonary emboli, and vertigo. These were all post-vaccination. Army regulations state we should be tracking these cases post-immunization. Other concerns stem from the recent rash of suicides amongst soldiers serving on the mission. The added deployment stressors placed upon the young heroes paired with the unknowns of experimental medications concerns me.”

The FAA referred a request for comment to its website, which states, “The Federal Air Surgeon determined that FAA medical certificate holders may not act as pilot in command, or in any other capacity as a required flightcrew member, for 48 hours after each dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The Federal Air Surgeon made this determination after evaluation of available medical information about these COVID-19 vaccines and potential side effects. As a result of this determination and consistent with 14 CFR § 61.53(a), each person subject to part 67 who receives the vaccine must wait 48 hours after each dose before acting as pilot in command or as a required flightcrew member.”

A commentary at The Gateway Pundit pointed out that under ordinary circumstances, pilots who accept an experimental shot would lose their ability to fly.

The Gateway Pundit reported the letter notes that the correct FAA rules require the rejection of “medical clearance” for pilots who have used “non-FDA approved medical products.”

Dundas explained to the Times the FAA action could lead to a catastrophe if one of the pilots experiences a vaccine-related adverse reaction while in flight.

The report notes one of those who signed the letter was Cody Flight, “whose career as a pilot recently came to an end after he experienced adverse reactions to the vaccine while he was mid-air, piloting a flight.”

The Gateway Pundit explained, “The 34-year-old agricultural pilot doesn’t even remember how he landed after nearly blacking out in mid-flight, but thankfully he ended up safely on the ground.

The Times said he was hit with tunnel vision and a headache while flying.

“About two hours after having taken off, he decided to pull up the plane to go back and felt an ‘extreme burst of pressure” in his ears, then immediately ‘nearly blacked out, [and felt] dizzy, disoriented, nauseous, and [was] shaking uncontrollably,” the Times said.

He said, “I find it hard to comprehend how the FAA justified moving the goalposts of safety from one full year of post-marketing safety review to only two days. The dangers associated with a pilot experiencing a severe adverse reaction from an mRNA-type Covid vaccine while at the controls of an airplane can be horrifying and deadly to say the least.”

WND previously carried a report about comments from U.S. Army aerospace physician Lt. Col. Theresa Long.

Long, a senior flight surgeon at the U.S. Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, Alabama, reports seeing numerous pilots who were suffering from side effects of a COVID shot.

One pilot, she explained, “had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk – chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination. The pilot told me he didn’t know what to do, so he drank a lot of coffee to try and ‘wake himself up’ and continued to fly, until he realized it wasn’t going away.”

Joe Biden has issued an order demanding that all members of the armed forces accept the experimental shots.

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