Female authors protest when man nominated for 'Women's Prize'


Men — individuals who biologically are male — already are in women’s athletics, locker rooms and restrooms under the transgender agenda.

Now, women are protesting a literary organization’s nomination of a man for its “Women’s Prize for Fiction,” which includes a $42,000 payout.

In a letter, the Wild Woman Writing Club is protesting the nomination of Torrey Peters, a man who lives as a woman, for his book “Detransition, Baby.”

The letter by the WWWC to the charity that presents the prize, the Women’s Prize Trust, obtained some 250 signatures within a day. However, some signed under a pseudonym due to fear of being “permanently canceled by the book industry,” the U.K.’s Christian Institute explained.

The letter said: “The Women’s Prize was established to recognize the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s Prize has been criticized as ‘sexist’ because it is for women.

“This derives from a misunderstanding of women’s history. We still need our own cultural resources. Women are oppressed on the basis of sex. We are a political and biological class, and we are living in a time of unprecedented backlash against the gains made by women’s rights campaigners of the First Wave. Just ask JK Rowling, or any of the lower-profile cancelled female authors whose voices have been silenced by gender identity extremists.”

However, the nomination of Peters makes “male writers eligible for the sole major women’s literary prize.”

And that, the letter said, does not “honor, celebrate and champion” fiction by women.

“On the contrary, it communicates powerfully that women authors are unworthy of our own prize, and that it is fine to allow male people to appropriate our honors,” it said.

“It is now orthodox—if counterfactual, and pseudoscientific—that people can change sex by changing their appearance. If a man could become a woman simply by wearing lipstick, and fantasizing about occupying our bodies, what would that make women?

“We object to being asked to accept that Detransition Baby belongs in the category of fiction by women. The moment you decided that a male author was eligible, the award ceased to be the Women’s Prize and became simply the Fiction Prize,” the letter said.

The letter also criticized the ideas behind the transgender movement.

“We are also intrigued that you are promoting a novel which revolves around the male paraphilia of autogynephilia (AGP). We champion free expression, and we have no objection whatsoever to the authoring of a fictional account of this disorder of male sexual psychology. As an imaginative exploration of that disorder, the novel might even demonstrate why women need single-sex domestic violence refuges and intimate spaces. As the book unflinchingly depicts, males who claim to have undergone ‘gender transition’ can pose a risk to women. However, we strongly object to your statement that AGP is an ‘experience of being a woman in all its varied forms.’ Women are the wrong sex to experience AGP.”

The Women’s Prize for Fiction, according to the Women’s Prize Trust, is open to “any woman writing in English.”

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