Former AG says Dems should be 'in the streets' demanding their way

Forget democracy, forget elections, those won’t work, Eric Holder, who was Barack Obama’s attorney general, has charged.

He wants Democrats to be “in the streets” demanding to have their way.

Just the News reported on the comments from Holder, who now is heading the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, to interviewer Rachel Maddow on an MSNBC segement.

“Power concedes nothing without demand,” he charged.

He insisted protesters, who often have become rioters in America in recent months, “ought to be getting arrested,” the report said, in their demands to “impose Democrat-backed proposals to federalize election law and relax voting security safeguards.”

He was asked about the Democrats’ For the People Act, which would, in fact, overrule all election integrity efforts across the nation and impose in each state the unsecured voting procedures used in many states in 2020.

“Power concedes nothing without demand. We too often underestimate the power we have as regular American citizens by marching, by protesting, by raising our voices,” he charged.

He explained the redistricting coalition he leads has “a big advocacy campaign to get American citizens involved in this fight. If we make our voices known if we demand the kind of change, the fair change we’re seeking, I think it will help in the process.”

He added, “Raising the consciousness of people by demonstrating, by getting arrested, by doing the things that ended segregation. If you asked people back in the 1950s, ‘Do you think marching, demonstrating will bring down a system of American apartheid?’ You probably would have said, ‘No, that won’t happen.'”

Previously, the Western Journal revealed how Holder considers the COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to change America’s procedures for voting forever.

In his recent interview with Time Holder tried to sell his ideas of a federal election takeover as being “pro-democracy” even though his strategy would destroy the integrity of elections nationwide.

He credited the coronavirus pandemic with giving him an “opportunity” to “revamp our electoral system so that it permanently because more inclusive…”

The report noted, “What are the ‘pro-democracy measures’ Holder is so ardent about? Measure like voting by mail and no-excuse absentee ballots — the kind of voting ‘reforms’ Democrats champion that would make national elections so open to tampering and fraud that they could be subject to endless challenges.”

The report explained Townhall’s Beth Baumann confirmed the whole idea of mail-in ballots on a nationwide scale is ripe for fraud.”

That’s because, in part, “The practice of ‘ballot harvesting,’ allowing literally anyone — including paid political operatives — to collect ballots from voters and turn them in for counting basically destroys the protection of the voting booth.”

In fact, under those procedures, “There is no way of knowing for sure whether the person voting was doing so of their own free will, or even if the person whose ballot was being cast was the one who actually filled it out,” the report said.

Holder also has advocated for abolishing the Electoral College, a move that would make the voters in dozens of lower-population states entirely irrelevant, denied there ever was “American Greatness,” boasted of “we kick ’em” when political opponents are down and claimed racism is driving much of the Republican form of government.

Just recently, he “lost his cool” when an investigative reporter exposed the political bias of a DOJ lawyer who signed off on a deal that exempted former acting FBI chief Andrew McCabe from prosecution for his lies to the FBI.

On Twitter, Barack Obama’s former “wingman” lashed out at investigator reporter Paul Sperry, writing, “Shut the hell up,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

Sperry reported Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Gaston had given thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Obama, and once worked for Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. In addition, her mother worked for the Washington Post.

The Gateway Pundit confirmed Sperry’s reporting, noting the FEC database shows contributions by Gaston to Obama.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up,” Holder wrote on Twitter to Sperry. “Your bias is showing. I bet you’ve never been a prosecutor or have any idea how DOJ works. People like you-who want to use the justice system for political reasons-are both dangerous and ignorant. The case was-like you-an obvious loser.”

The Gateway Pundit noted that “what may have been truly bothering Holder is that the day before Sperry had called him out as leader of the anti-Trump cabal at DOJ, Holder urged Obama holdovers at DOJ to ‘continue to resist, thwart, sabotage, leak on AG Barr and Trump.'”

Sperry pointed out multiple indications of a bias, such as the fact that Holder worked with Gaston’s father.

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