Georgia lawmaker wants state to copy Delaware's voting restrictions

A Georgia state lawmaker plans to introduce the President Joe Biden Jim Crow On Steroids Voter Act to make his state’s voting laws as restrictive as those in Delaware, Biden’s home state.

In a Facebook post, state Rep. Wes Cantrell, who admits his move is a “stunt,” said his legislation will have five key features:

  1. Instead of having up to 19 days of early voting in Georgia, we will have ZERO days of early voting JUST LIKE DELAWARE!
  2. Instead of having no excuse absentee voting in Georgia, you will have to have the excuse of being sick or disabled to vote absentee JUST LIKE DELAWARE!
  3. Instead of having plenty of secure drop boxes in Georgia, there will be no drop boxes JUST LIKE DELAWARE!
  4. Instead of being able to get drink/food from a non-poll worker outside of the 150 foot buffer & drink from a poll worker within the barrier in Georgia, it will be illegal to receive anything of value while standing in line to vote JUST LIKE DELAWARE!
  5. Instead of being able to vote in relative quiet in Georgia, your name will be announced outloud (and your party affiliation during a primary) so that your vote can be challenged by anyone in the precinct JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

“Yes this is a political stunt,” he said.

But his goal is to point out the hypocrisy of critics of Georgia’s election-integrity measures, who are ignoring more restrictive measures in other states.

“In recent days, President Biden called the new Georgia Election Integrity law un-American, sick, pernicious & Jim Crow on steroids,” Cantrell said. “I look forward to all of my colleagues who voted against our Election Integrity law begging to co-sponsor this legislation with me.”

He pointed out that Biden made false claims about provisions of Georgia’s law, earning him four “Pinocchios” from the Washington Post’s fact-checker. He falsely claimed, for example, that the Georgia law ended voting at 5 p.m. on Election Day “when people are just getting off work.”

“And you didn’t just spread misinformation once. You did it again and again,” Cantrell said, addressing Biden. “Delaware’s voting laws are draconian when compared to Georgia. Until you bring election reform to your home state of Delaware, it’s probably best that you sit this one out. To use your favorite phrase, ‘C’mon Man!'”

He also pointed out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has been attacking Georgia.

“He invited the MLB to move the All Star Game to New York. Apparently, Senator Schumer doesn’t know the voting laws in his home state which are much more restrictive than Georgia’s,” Cantrell said.

PJMedia noted that according to the Honest Elections Project, voting laws in New York, where MLB is headquarted, are more restrictive than Georgia’s laws.

Unlike New York, Georgia offers no-excuse absentee voting. And while Georgia offers 17 days of early voting, New York offers only days.

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