Great idea – from Britain no less!

Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the United Kingdom, gave a rousing speech Tuesday – sure to make Donald Trump proud and ensure free elections in England.

At the traditional Opening of Parliament, the queen announced the legislative priorities of the Conservative Party, including a bill to require Britons to show a photo ID to vote in future general elections, as a means of tackling fraud and saving democracy.

Why couldn’t it happen here?

The only thing that could advance mankind more would be tackling the hideous power of Big Tech, which provides a megaphone to the elite out of proportion to the popular will here in the states.

That doesn’t deter the queen, though it likely will not please Meghan Markle.

Americans have been cowed into believing that some people can’t obtain something as simple as a voting card, a driver’s license, a passport, or an official ID. It’s stupid. Race is no barrier to a life in the United States any more than in England. The Jim Crow days are over in America. Just don’t tell Joe Biden.

This is all meant to reduce the risk of voter fraud in England. Again, why not here?

In 2021, it’s a canard that has so many American voters convinced that requiring IDs is a way to disenfranchise voters. It’s just not so. Loosening requirements, as Democrats want to do with H.R. 1 in Congress, assures that legitimate voters will continue to be the victims of voter fraud – as Americans are suspecting they were in the 2020 elections.

The new legislation is set to affect the entire U.K.; voters in Northern Ireland are already required to show identification before voting.

Again, why not here?

Will Stacie Abrams not get her wish to be president of the United States?

Will Joe Biden or Kamala Harris not be reelected?

Well, maybe not. But Barack Obama won the presidency – twice, if I’m not mistaken. What happened to voter suppression back then?

No one seems to think about that. Why? What changed it all? Why did the disenfranchisement argument gain any credibility?

Let me remind you: The Democrats didn’t have a candidate to follow the smooth-talking Obama, nor did they have an answer to the populist formula of Donald Trump. They only had Hillary Clinton.

What Democrats want is to be entitled to power – forever. That’s what they’re after. That’s why they want to expand the Supreme Court, make Washington, D.C., the 51st state and, most importantly, commit voter fraud by barring voter ID requirements.

That’s how Joe Biden won – illegitimately, illegally, by fraud, by chicanery, by cheating. The American people wanted Trump. They voted for him in record numbers. But the elites want anyone else.

Ask yourself why Great Britain stumbled on this idea now?

It’s simple – common sense.

But Big Tech will never hear of it. It’s anathema to them. They help to control the narrative here in the states. They helped to stop Trump.

Is it too late for him now?

No. We have one more election to demonstrate we can get back the man who performed so admirably. We must take the Senate and the House one more time. Give Trump a fighting chance against all odds. Let him transform the Republican Party. We’re on the verge of something miraculous. There will be much opposition as there was his first term. But we can do it.

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