Grenell: FBI committed crimes investigating Russia collusion conspiracy theory

The former intelligence chief for the United States says he’s confident that the FBI stepped into criminal behavior during its time investigating the Democrats’ fabricated Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

That theory purported that then-candidate Donald Trump and later President Donald Trump was somehow linked to the Kremlin. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s years-long investigation failed, however, to find such evidence.

The campaign involved the FBI using fabricated evidence to make those allegations, a federal court in Washington being handed false information in order for the Obama administration to obtain permission to spy on the Trump campaign and more.

It’s now being investigated – with an eye on criminal charges – by special counsel John Durham, who already has obtained one guilty verdict.

And evidence now suggests that the conspiracy theory was launched by the Democrat candidate at the time, the now twice-failed Hillary Clinton, who wanted to distract the public from her own email scandal.

Now former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell has said in an interview with the John Solomon Reports podcast that he saw evidence that convinces him the FBI committed crimes.

“Political appointees and the leaders of the FBI and DOJ purposefully manipulated the truth,” he charged.

Grenell was the official who under President Trump began the process to declassify documents – leading to the collusion narrative unraveling.

Grenell said on the podcast FBI officials had reason to know the claims of collusion were faulty, but they proceeded to provide false information to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in their agenda against Trump.

That court initially granted permission for the Democrats under Obama to spy on Trump’s campaign, but after the facts of the falsity of the evidence was documented, the court rescinded some of its authorizations.

“The people in the middle management. I’ve talked to them. I’ve talked to FBI agents, they knew that this was a phony exercise,” Grenell explained. “But they were caught by their bosses, who knew that this was a phony Russian collusion hoax but allowed this information to go to the FISA courts and to the media and to everywhere else, and they saw people manipulating it.”

The podcast has been posted online.

Besides the conviction of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith for doctoring evidence, charges also now have been filed against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman and Igor Danchenko, who was part of the orchestration of the Steele dossier compilation of false claims about Trump.

Grenell told Solomon he has no doubts there are more crimes to be found – and prosecuted – by Durham.

Some of the FBI misbehavior already had been documented in a report from a Justice Department inspector general, who said there were many failures in the intelligence community in the Russiagate affafir.

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