Here come the Robobabies: 'Reimagining' humanity

Note: Dr. Singleton is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS.

While everyone is preoccupied with mask-shaming and vaccine-cheerleading, scientists are engaged in critical research with a more lasting effect on our lives.

For 100 years, scientists have dreamed of creating and developing life outside of a womb. In March 2021, that dream came true. Scientists grew naturally conceived mouse embryos in tiny beakers for six days – the equivalent of the full first trimester of gestation. At this point the embryos had an identifiable body shape and organs. This miracle of modern science, posted in a YouTube video, garnered a mere 9,400 views.

In 2016, scientists developed the “right cocktail of growth factors and nourishment” and were able to incubate human embryos in a dish. The embryos attached to the dish “as if it were a uterus, sprouting a few placental cells.” The researchers halted the experiment due to the 4,000-member International Society for Stem Cell Research’s (ISSCR) 14-day rule. The ISSCR arrived at this limit based on the point in time at which the nervous system begins to develop.

Two separate research groups have now created their versions of synthetic embryos, called “human blastoids” from embryonic stem cells and “iblastoids” using reprogrammed adult skin stem cells. A real blastocyst is a human embryo around five or six days after fertilization that is growing. Normally, a blastocyst would implant in the wall of the uterus at around seven or eight days, and the placenta would start to form. These advances prompted the ISSCR to rewrite its yet-to-be-revealed new guidelines allowing synthetic embryos to develop beyond the current 14-day limit.

As Dr. Frankensteinian as this sounds, researchers explain that the stem cell-produced embryos can be used to study congenital conditions and the effects of drugs, toxins and viruses on early development without using human embryos, and perhaps create organs for transplants. Kind of like the good that would come from Dr. Fauci’s unethical “gain of function” research on coronaviruses (making them more deadly and transmissible). Look where that got us.

We have truly entered the “brave new world,” grappling with the morality of life and death in the age of medical technology. Devaluing life is now commonplace. Abortion on demand is available on the day of birth. Freshly obtained aborted fetal tissue is being used to create “humanized mice” (on the taxpayers’ dime, no less). Not surprisingly, COVID-19 is the justification. Moreover, there is evidence that upstanding organizations and suppliers are making profits from the illegal sale of human fetuses.

In the United States, thousands of children are trafficked every year for sex or labor. This doesn’t make front-page news or leave a lasting imprint on our consciousness – unlike the ever-present COVID-19 statistics.

On the other end of life’s spectrum, government COVID-19 policies regarding nursing home residents cemented what victims already knew: Our society treats elders like jetsam – the debris that is thrown overboard to lighten a ship’s load. Former Obama adviser and member of Biden’s COVID-19 team, Ezekiel Emanuel, is on board. His “Complete Lives System” posits that medical care should be rationed based on one’s “instrumental value” to society. Babies, those over 60 years of age and the disabled are out of luck. “When the worst-off can benefit only slightly while the better-off people could benefit greatly, allocating to the better-off is often justifiable.” One more nail in the coffin of our humanity. With doctors like this, who needs the Grim Reaper?

However, the unwanted cast-offs may be more difficult to replace with better models. Our reproductive abilities appear to be on the decline. The global fertility rate, sperm counts, and the quality of sperm are declining and reported miscarriages increased at about 1% per year from 1970 to 2000.

Enter the Robobabies. We could eliminate the need for mothers. We could ensure that only the right kind of embryos develop. Newspeak paves the way. The United Nations’ European Union and U.S. delegations have neutered mother and father to “parents” and declared that “various forms of family exist.”

Crazy? Social Justice Warriors are “reimagining” the evolution of our society. Why not reimagine humans?

Who would have imagined a pediatrician governor supporting infanticide? Who would have imagined that social media in America, a bastion of free speech, would crush politically unpopular speech and diversity of thought? Who would have imagined that physicians who offered early treatment of COVID-19 would be treated like drug dealers? Who would have imagined that the media-government complex would silence the reasoned opinions of renowned epidemiologists, virologists and clinicians who raised questions about the response to COVID-19? Who would have imagined that “1984” would cease being fiction?

COVID-19 watchdogs have showcased their faux humanity, incessantly preaching that it is our moral duty to wear a mask and submit our bodies to an experimental drug. As science is catching up to longstanding utopian political agendas, our real moral duty is to reflect on playing God with life and death.

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