House Republicans urge Trump to appoint special counsel to probe 2020 election

President Donald J. Trump waves and gestures to the crowd upon his arrival to Midland International Air and Space Port in Midland, Texas, Wednesday, July 29, 2020. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

A coalition of House Republicans is urging President Trump to ask Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate irregularities in the 2020 president election.

Among the significant allegations are that unconstitutional changes in laws and procedures compromised election integrity and that massive “dumps” of votes for Joe Biden were made after Trump held leads in battleground states.

The letter to the president argues the American people “deserve a definitive resolution to the uncertainty hovering over the outcome of our election, but legitimate questions of voter fraud remain unanswered.”

“The Department of Justice has been asked on multiple occasions to launch an investigation into this matter, but inaction from the Department along with public comments made by the Attorney General indicate a lack of willingness to investigate the irregularities your campaign and other elected officials across the nation have alleged.”

The solution is “the appointment of special counsel,” which “would establish a team of investigators whose sole responsibility is to uncover the truth and provide the certainty America needs.”

The letter was organized by Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas, the
Washington Examiner reported.

It was signed by 22 House Republicans, and five more agreed to the letter but didn’t sign it.

Barr said in an Associated Press interview the Justice Department has not seen fraud on a scale that “could have affected a different outcome.” But the White House responded, arguing the DOJ had not conducted a full investigation.

One of the signatories, Rep. Alex Mooney of West Virginia, this week introduced a resolution to condemn any Republican who “prematurely” declares that Trump should concede the election.

Several Republicans already have signaled their intent to object to the vote when it is presented to Congress next month.

If the rejection of Electoral College votes led to no candidate reaching the 270-vote threshold, the U.S. House would elect the next president, with each state getting a single vote.

Two legal experts had suggest that Vice President Mike Pence, as the officer presiding over a joint session of Congress, could decide which Electoral College votes count and could reject those still in dispute.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., believes that “if only lawful votes by eligible American citizens were cast, Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a significant margin, and Congress’s certification should reflect that.”

“This election was stolen by the socialists engaging in extraordinary voter fraud and election theft measures,” he said.

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