'I declare that I have the liberty to sever your head from your body'

An Islamic activist turned from radical scholar and cleric to radical politician says he wants beheading for anyone he thinks has insulted Islam, Muhammad, Allah or the Quran.

A video of his threats was uncovered and linked by JihadWatch.

It is Muslim activist Abbas Siddiqui, who once hit the headlines for praying for the spread of coronavirus in India, whose comments were captured.

“In a video that recently surfaced online, he can be seen making a provocative speech in the Bengali language to his followers. The video has gone viral; it is reportedly from an Islamic religious gathering that was held on Friday, September 15,” the report explained.

“Siddiqui states that Muslims can tolerate any nuisance, but in case of any insult directed at the prophet, Allah, the Quran or Islam, they are ready to give their life or behead someone to avenge an offense.”

“If anyone believes that one has the liberty to insult the Quran, to criticize Islam, or to disparage the prophet, then I, Abbas Siddiqui, declare that I, too, have the liberty to sever your head from your body,” he said in what essentially was a rant.

Among other wild statements, he claimed the whole world is conspiring against Islam and such hatred is being promoted by Israel.

He also mocked secular Hindus of Kolkata, West Bengal, who adorn their Durga Puja pavilions with Islamic symbols as an extension of their tolerance for and acknowledgement of the Muslim citizens and to make the religious festival more inclusive,” the report explained.

“I remember that a few years ago, a theme of Durga Puja pandal, Kaaba was also made. If Kaaba is liked so much, then why don’t you embrace Islam?” Siddiqui said, ridiculing the Hindu community.

The report points out Siddiqui not only is a cleric but a politician, having founded his own “Indian Secular Front.”

Representatives of the ruling party, the report said, have demanded his arrest for creating tension in the state, but no legal or administrative actions had been begun.

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