If you think Dems are finished transforming America, think again

According to a story in the New York Times, Democrats have only been playing defense against Republican efforts to “curtail voting access and amplify doubts about the legitimacy of the nation’s elections.”

Their real offensive starts now.

“Now it is Democrats, who retained all but one of the governor’s offices they hold and won control of state legislatures in Michigan and Minnesota, who are ready to go on offense in 2023,” the paper reports. “They are putting forward a long list of proposals that include creating automatic voter registration systems, preregistering teenagers to vote before they turn 18, returning the franchise to felons released from prison and criminalizing election misinformation.”

Do you believe this?

Hold on to your seats.

The enemy is undaunted. Indeed, it’s stepping up its plans to finish the job of throttling freedom and fundamentally transforming the nation.

In an article titled “Democrats, Feeling New Strength, Plan to Go on Offense on Voting Rights,” the Times laid bare the naked truth about the party’s plans for 2023.

“Since 2020, Republicans inspired by former President Donald J. Trump’s election lies sought to make voting more difficult for anyone not casting a ballot in person on Election Day,” the Times reported. “But in the midterm elections, voters across the country rejected the most prominent Republican candidates who embraced false claims about American elections and promised to bend the rules to their party’s advantage.”

You see, they think they won a mandate by getting 2 million votes less than Republicans did in the midterms.

They’re going for broke now.

The radical Democrats gathered in early December in New Orleans to map their plans. Most of it was about “defending and expanding voting access,” which means “cheating,” in the vernacular. Meanwhile, as you can figure, the Republicans are “weighing additional restrictions on voting,” the Times explained.

The Times report continued: “Republicans have sought additional voting restrictions for decades. Those efforts were amplified after the 2020 election, when several Republican-led states passed new laws with measures that included requiring voters to show photo identification, stripping control from local election boards and curtailing some early voting. The effect of these voting laws remains unclear. In Georgia, which passed a major election law in 2021, turnout was strong, but mail voting plummeted under the new requirements.”

And get this!

“The most popular Democratic plan on voting access is to join the 20 states that have already enacted or approved automatic voter registration, a system that adds anyone whose information is on file with a government agency – such as a department of motor vehicles or a social services bureau – to the voter rolls unless they opt out. Oregon, which in 2016 became the first state to adopt the practice, had the highest percentage of voter turnout in the country last month, a distinction held in recent elections by Minnesota.”

They cited a plan for Minnesota: “Automatic voter registration and preregistering 16- and 17-year-olds before their 18th birthdays would be atop the voting access agenda for [the] state’s Democratic legislators.”

And Michigan is apparently gone. In the last two midterm elections, voters approved constitutional amendments that expanded early and absentee voting, created an independent redistricting commission and expanded the use of drop boxes. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said at the recent governors’ gathering that she was considering backing automatic registration and making it easier for out-of-state students attending Michigan universities to register to vote.

The Michigan secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, said that while her office worked to carry out the election changes approved by voters, it is working on “sweeping new rules and penalties for disseminating and amplifying misinformation” that interferes with voting.

“The greatest threats to our democracy right now continue to be the intentional spread of misinformation and the threats and harassment of election officials that emerge from those efforts,” Benson said. “We owe it to voters on all sides to ensure we are seeking accountability for anyone who would intentionally try to essentially block someone from voting through misinformation.”

Their plans nationally are thoroughly bone-chilling. You can read the whole report here.

Never before have the Democrats been so partisan – which is to say they are committed to attaining one-party rule. Where cheating has worked for them, they don’t show any compunction to change. Take Arizona, for example.

While Republican Kari Lake has yet to concede in the governor’s race, supposed winner and Democrat Katie Hobbs “described a relationship with Republican State Senate leaders that is so strained, she has had no communication with them and does not plan to.”

“These people are claiming fraud when there is none, these people mounted an insurrection on the Capitol, they’re the ones who have broken the trust,” Hobbs said in New Orleans. “You can’t coddle these people that have been misled by the people they have upheld as leaders. These so-called leaders need to be held accountable.”

It’s time for Republicans to demonstrate some steely resolve. Is that too much to ask?

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