I'll take America over Africa every time

Imagine an urban area where the residents must endure political corruption including political violence, rampant inflation, high unemployment, substandard education, poverty, prostitution, drugs and crime.

No, I’m not talking about New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans or Camden, New Jersey; I am talking about a place dominated by African Americans. I am referencing the African nation of Liberia.

So-called black folks are infamous for their complaints and fallacious accusations of how bad they are treated in America. The myths and outright lies of their origins and life in America are legion, the most recent and without question one of the most grotesque falsehoods pertaining to same being Nikole Hannah-Jones’ “1619 Project.”

It would be remiss of me not to mention James H. Cone, the mouth of Belial whose chief claim to fame is his boasts to be the principle liberation theologian.

Cone insists: “Unlike Europeans who immigrated to this land to escape from tyranny, Africans came in chains to serve a nation of tyrants” (“God of the Oppressed”). Like the rest of the pernicious blowhards of false information used to inflate their standing, the truth differs greatly from Cone’s mythical Kunta Kinte fantasyland.

America was not responsible for the slave trade. Africa was responsible in the context those like Cone, Hannah-Jones et al. falsely claim for gain. It is safe to say that without the Ashanti and Dahomey tribes, the slave trade would have suffered. The Alawite Dynasty in Morocco were also prolific participants in the slave trade. With that said, these African Kingdoms did not make an economy of slavery because the Africans are today viewed having been a crayon color; they made an economy of it because that’s what those Kingdoms have done forever. Skin color is a lie asserted to paint the so-called white peoples as evil traders in humans.

But, I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. There are none more prolific in the art of baseless complaint than those who use melanin as a currency. However, what goes unaddressed is the fact that these people should kiss the ground of America and thank their African slave-trappers, because if it weren’t for the indigenous African slave traders these complainers would amount to nothing today.

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Marcus Garvey was the original Pan-Africanist in his back-to-Africa movement and the foundation of Liberia. But, Liberia is one of the worst countries on earth in which to reside.

For all of the complaining by the Negro-illuminati pursuant to how bad they have it in America, in 2020 the top 10 worst countries in the world to live in, according to the United Nations Human Development Index, were all in Africa.

It is safe to say that LeBron “low-brain” James can shoot his mouth off in America about how evil the so-called white police officers are and how the white man is out to get the bra-tha. But, it’s a safe bet African children in Chad, Niger, Burundi and the like wouldn’t be paying hundreds of dollars for sneakers and jerseys with his name on them if he lived in Sierra Leone and worked as a sheep herder.

Would Oprah Winfrey be a billionaire Negress publicly wishing all old white people would die if she lived in Burkina Faso, or would she be a housekeeper? The Obama woman would no doubt still be boorish, gluttonous and common if she were native to South Sudan, but she wouldn’t be living on multi-million dollar estates.

One thing James Cone said that is true: “If [his kind] cannot recognize the truth, then it cannot liberate [them] from untruth” (“God of the Oppressed”). That is the most truth that ever came from his mouth in one sentence.

The truth is that those who are committed to making an industry of prostituting themselves as a crayon color would do well to recognize that the truth is: Nowhere on earth would they have it better than America. America wasn’t responsible for the slave trade, but even if it were, they have prospered beyond anything their ancestors could have hoped had they stayed in Africa.

If and when they embrace that reality, they will realize just how blessed they are to be the de facto modern-day descendants of jungle dwellers captured by other jungle tribes and sold as part of their economy.

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