Investigation sought into how 'diversity' campaign has hurt public institutions


The United Kingdom-based Christian Concern has written to the government’s Committee on Standards in Public Life to request an investigation into how a “diversity” campaign is damaging public institutions.

The call to Lord Evans for an investigation into the work of Stonewall, a massive U.K. organization promoting alternative sexual lifestyle choices, comes amid growing dissatisfaction with the group.

Evans is the head of the independent advisory board with whom the prime minister consults on ethical issues.

Recently, a group called Sex Matters made a request similar to Christian Concern’s, and that followed a decision by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Ofsted’s decision to drop out of Stonewall’s special diversity scheme.

Andrea Williams, of Christian Concern, pointed out that there have been many negative influences because of the agenda-driven action group.

Among those are Christians who have been punished in “Stonewall-approved” workplaces.

Just last week, the Ministry of Justice pulled out of the agenda, citing Stonewall’s approach to free speech. And media organizations and some universities also have ended their memberships.

Further, a decision by the courts in the case of Maya Forstater, whose religious beliefs on marriage and sexual orientation now are being deemed worthy to be considered, recently contradicted the Stonewall goal.

The organization already advises 850 major employees, covering some 25% of the U.K. workforce.

Williams in the letter outlined a series of Christian Legal Center cases over recent years, including two 10-year-olds who were excluded from their school for asking not to take part in their school’s LGBT promotion and the case of Rev. Bernard Randall, who lost his job over a sermon that suggested people should be able to disagree with LGBT activists.

“There is now an urgent need for an inquiry into how these organizations have affected public standards. It is beyond question that their influence has been damaging for standards in public life,” Williams wrote in the request for an investigation.

“If holders of public office are accountable to the public, then this is no longer evident in many institutions given the vast influence that LGBT organizations and ideology now hold over them. Government responses to public participation in its consultations on matters such as on same-sex marriage and Relationships and Sex Education, show that principled public opposition is disregarded,” Williams continued.

Williams explained, “The past few weeks has seen an extraordinary exodus from Stonewall’s Diversity Champion Scheme. Organizations and bodies at the highest levels are beginning to see the extent to which Stonewall has captured their institutions and the lengths they are prepared to go to go to silence religious beliefs, freedom of speech and any criticism of its ideology.

“Yet this exodus has only scratched the surface of the hold Stonewall has on so much of our public life. Too many Christians have been faced with the choice of standing by their beliefs or losing their jobs because of the grip of Stonewall’s ever expanding LGBT ideology has in the workplace. ”

He said Evans should look at the evidence “for a full public inquiry.”

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