Is 'Happy New Year' now a delusional greeting?

“It would be nice if something made sense for a change.” – Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”

Well, two years into “fifteen days to flatten the curve,” here we are, in the midst of World War III, still waiting for someone, somewhere in government, to tell us what has really happened.

The media whorehouses are now all filled with clones of Baghdad Bob. His epic newscast during the Iraq war showed a window backdrop of American troops marching down the streets of Baghdad, while he insisted to the cameras in front of him that there were no American soldiers in Baghdad. Why are there no Baghdad Bob Pulitzer prizes? It’s what our media does best today.

Was it Lord Acton who observed, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”? Perhaps he should have made it a dual adage, mentioning that money corrupts, and infinite wealth corrupts infinitely. Silicon Valley has a lot to answer for, and answer they will, because God is grieved at what they have done. Their correction will likely be a supernatural one. Those who doubt such a correction is coming may want to refresh their reading of the Old Testament.

There are a lot of media personalities who have sold their souls to Satan for their positions, thinking they got a grand deal. After all, if you believe that humanity evolved from pond scum, and that men and women have no soul, why wouldn’t you make that Faustian bargain? “What a hoot! I’m bleeping brilliant! I deceived the devil, giving him absolutely nothing in return for his efforts to make me important and wealthy in the world. All I have to do is lie to everyone every day about what’s really happening in the world.” Yup. You go, girl.

Social media – what an oxymoron – is widely credited with insuring that its socialites repeat only the words of Lord Fauci, lest they have an original thought take shape in their socialized minds. In assessing his lordship’s accomplishments, they might productively ask why Dr. Fauci, and the pharma-medical-government triad that has been laboring for decades on AIDS treatment, still has only a costly and continual treatment for sufferers, and not a cure? If we can engineer new diseases, why can’t we reverse engineer old ones? Where, pray tell, does the most money lie? Why do Big Pharma’s promised cures for today’s infections now require boosters into oblivion?

The Bible tells us, “As a man thinks, so he is.” If you believe the creation narrative, that men and women were created by a loving God and we have a soul and spirit that longs to be reconnected with the God who created us … well then, everything changes, doesn’t it? Deceit becomes untenable. Using people is an offense against God. And make no mistake: It is an offense you will answer for. Especially, God help you, if it involved children. You have read the Bible, haven’t you?

Everyone bears the mark of God somewhere in their makeup, no matter how obscured it is by the world. If we wrong someone in our dealings with them, we must apologize to them. Today we are all, nations and individuals, in the valley of decision. Ask yourself, “Who do I serve?” Broadly speaking it will either be the Creator God, or Satan, the wannabe administrative angel booted out of heaven (“I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning across the sky” – Jesus).

Media polls and other thought-control tools frequently announce that fewer and fewer people in America believe in the Christian view of God. Thus Satan’s cheerleaders conclude that the world is becoming more and more secular. Go figure.

Not only America, but the West in general is on the cusp of the largest turn to God that has ever happened. As the truth of the origins of World War III emerges, and the players are exposed in governments across the world, even those who mock Christianity will decide that God is indeed humanity’s only hope going forward. But are the churches that let all this happen on their watch up to the task of re-presenting God and rebuilding a Christian world? Or is God about to do something sudden and unexpected here as well?

As you consider humanity’s plight going forward into 2022, ask yourself this question: Can you see God conceding the world to Satan? How is that compatible with, “For God so loved the world …”?

Perhaps God expects His church to do what it was supposed to do all along. Somewhere in church history, “making disciples of all nations” became donating to missions, which has achieved neither objective. What would the world today look like if the church had carried on as if all the gifts the church had received continued on today? What exactly do seminaries today produce? Why did our churches choose powerlessness?

What does a powerful church look like? Earth’s Final Kingdom

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