Is it time for federal 'hammer control'?

It was reported on Oct. 28 that Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home was invaded by a mentally deranged man who then attacked her husband, Paul, with a hammer.

Circumstances surrounding this incident have many odd and conflicting twists. At first it was said that the surveillance cameras were not running. Then it has been stated that Nancy Pelosi will not release the security footage. Why weren’t there security guards at the house? Was the assailant in his underwear, as first reported, or not? Was it Paul’s hammer that the assailant struck Paul with, since the assailant’s hammer was still in his backpack? Was this assailant a MAGA-motivated Republican, as liberals have suggested, or does the truth that the assailant “is a mentally ill, drug addicted, illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkeley with a BLM banner and pride flag out front” have any bearing on the case?

Regardless of all this insanity surrounding this case, fortunately, police officers and special agents, armed with guns, arrived in time to tackle and arrest the assailant. Such an attack is a heinous crime that no one deserves, but in particular, I understand that Paul Pelosi is a very nice man, and we all need to pray that he makes a full recovery from this brutal, senseless attack.

I was amazed as I did some research and saw the number of recent reports suggesting that the hammer is becoming the weapon of choice in numerous assaults. One occurred on Jan. 5, 2022; another on May 7 followed by similar attacks on July 6, Aug. 23, Sept. 16th and Oct. 25. While all these attacks involved hammers, all the attackers were stopped by men armed with guns.

The Second Amendment of our Constitution clearly states it is “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” But the Constitution makes absolutely no mention about a right to bear hand tools. With hammer attacks mounting, does this mean federal legislation is needed to limit access to such hand tools? Do we need laws preventing the use, manufacture and distribution of hand tools? We can see from these attacks that hand tools are becoming a plague upon society. Therefore, do we need to protect society from such horrendous instruments of violence? Perhaps we should consider beating all hammers into guns, since men armed with guns stopped all the evil hammer attacks.

Obviously, the suggestion that legislation for hand tools is needed is meant to be satirical. Just like with guns, it is not the hammer causing the violence, but the deranged person wielding it. Guns, just like the hammers in these six crimes, are not the cause for gun violence, and taking gun ownership away will not prevent it. Quite the contrary, it will leave law-abiding citizens defenseless. Preventing violent crime, whether the weapon is a hammer or a gun, involves changing a man’s heart or, if not possible, locking up such evildoers.

In 1852, Robert Charles Winthrop, 22nd speaker of the United States House of Representatives, stated:

“Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the Word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.”

By the way, a bayonet is a knife on the end of a gun.

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