Is the end nigh for Republicans?

Nikki Haley recently made an offhand comment that “If we don’t win in 2022, there won’t be a 2024.” It’s unclear what she meant by that admonition, but it’s one that we on the right should take seriously.

Clearly, the “we” in Haley’s statement means Republicans and conservatives. Haley is implying that the election of 2022 represents an existential threat to the Republican Party, to the conservative movement, or perhaps to our constitutional order, our democracy and our cherished freedoms. As it turns out, she’d be right on all counts.

Consider this: The absolute worst case scenario for the GOP in 2022 is that it will narrowly fail to capture the House and it will lose ground in the Senate. If that happens – and it’s about a 20% likelihood at this stage, according to most prognosticators – then the Dems will be freed from the numerical and procedural shackles that have bound them since January 2021. They will be in a position to abolish the filibuster in the Senate, which in turn means that they could push through even the most ambitious items on their agenda: trillions in new spending, major steps toward socialized medicine, the evisceration of Americans’ gun rights, the addition of several (blue) states to the Union, the federalization of our elections (rendering them much more susceptible to fraud) and, most importantly, they could pack the Supreme Court with pliant leftists, meaning they could implement even more radical changes without bothering to hold any votes in Congress at all. Neo-Marxism could be – would be – imposed on Americans by judicial fiat. And that, in case anyone is in doubt, means that it would be GAME OVER for Republicans and indeed for anyone who dissents from the Dem/progressive agenda. In all likelihood, dissent itself would become “hate speech,” the Republican Party would be proscribed, and all its “insurrectionist” leaders would end up breaking rocks in the Alaskan wilderness.

A tad hyperbolic, you say? The Democrats would never push things so far? Maybe. Maybe not.

Consider that the vast majority of the Democratic caucus in the Senate already favors weakening or eliminating the filibuster so that “transformative” legislation can be passed. Opposition to the filibuster has grown on the left (unsurprisingly) since the Dems took control of Congress. Electing a few more Democratic senators would make this momentous step feasible.

And what about court packing? Surely the Dems would not be so audacious as to monkey with the high court. Think again: A steady drumbeat of anti-SCOTUS rhetoric now fills leftist airwaves, while a shocking 62% of Democrats already support kneecapping the judiciary through court packing.

But would the Dems actually persecute Republicans and conservatives, once they take full control of our political institutions? I mean, that sounds kinda mean! Here again, the evidence is clear: Frightfully high numbers of Democrats expressed past support for detaining, censoring, fining, digitally tracking, or denying child custody to people who refused to get COVID vaccines, or who questioned the efficacy of those vaccines (and Democrats naturally correlate those behaviors to Trumpism). Polls also show that there has a been a massive rise in the number of Americans who believe that political violence can be justifiable, and by no means is this trend confined, as the media would have us believe, to Republicans and Trump supporters. Tens of millions of Democrats and leftists are primed to support violence against the right and to assume that “fascists” deserve what they get. The Beltway elite, moreover, move in “progressive” social circles where such views are routinely expressed and rarely questioned. Republicans and conservatives, beware!

I remain optimistic about 2022, but the truth is nevertheless that our country is poised on the edge of an abyss. We are literally just one inclement election cycle away from, as the Dems would have it, losing all or most of our constitutional rights. We would do well to remember that, and thus to exert ourselves mightily to win, win, win in 2022, as though our lives and our liberties depended on it.

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