It's God vs. the globalists: Guess who wins?

Many of us are now busy preparing for a globalist takeover of national governments. If we like that idea, we might point to the U.N.’s many successes (you can quote that word or not) in our world, and point out how well governments can work together when they have some central guidance.

If we don’t like that idea, we are probably looking for a way to make ourselves small and unnoticed, hoping to slip through the cracks and live the rest of our lives in peace. Given the egos of the globalists, however, I think success in obscurity is unlikely.

The fact is, the globalists don’t so much want you under their governing thumb; they want you dead, to make way for their super-race. If that sounds vaguely familiar, check back into Nazi propaganda about the super-race they wanted to build. For the sake of the world, the Jews had to die, so the new master race could take over and save us all.

Odd though, isn’t it? The Bible tells us that mankind is made in the image of God, but in both modern efforts, those made in the image and likeness of God have to die so global government can usher in the new master race.

The main problem the globalists have is something they should surely have understood before they started. In this sense they are victims of their own efforts to secularize the world by substituting a big bang for Creation, and evolution from pond scum as humanity’s origin. Neither is correct, but both lead to perpetually flawed views of life, the universe and everything.

Nor do they own the earth. Being the Creator requires more than just planting your flag on a pile of rocks and claiming the planet. The Nazis at least held title to Germany, by virtue of capturing the government during an election. The war this time is larger, and the globalist claim to ownership less convincing than during World War II.

The real problem for the globalists rolling out a new World War, to bring forth their One World Government out of the ashes, is that they are battling the Original Creator of the heavens and the earth for control of His Creation. God has a certain fondness for humanity, since Jesus paid for our Redemption by taking our death upon Himself and overcoming it, thereby redeeming all of us who accept his sacrifice.

The way out for us and the globalists is the same: Repentance and accepting what Jesus did for us at the Cross. If you doubt the outcome of this globalist war against the Creator, go through the Bible and count the number of battles God has lost.

Germany had a much better chance of defeating the entire world than the globalists have of defeating the Creator God. Arrogance before one’s Creator has only one possible outcome.

God’s destruction of any of His Creation gives Him no pleasure. That is what the globalists have signed up for, whether they know it or not.

God always offers a way out. But in the end, He will protect His Creation, so that we can fulfill our destiny. The globalists will not be left in control of anything. The entire Babylonian system that Satan has built for humanity is coming down. God’s intended system of government will arise from the ashes. The Bride does not labor alone. She has all the resources of her Beloved at her disposal, to make the earth what God always intended it to be. Pray for the Bride’s unity, and her ability to work in the strength of her Beloved. What emerges will be beyond even imaging.

Absolution: The Singularity, Vol III in the Armageddon Story novel series, by Craige McMillan.

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