It's not just feckless Biden who's to blame – it's all Democrats

“Nothing in America and the world is better under President Joe Biden. Nothing. Kabul’s fall and the fallout surrounding it are just the latest, most tragic and deadly examples. But don’t be fooled – this is NOT Joe Biden’s fault. No, the catastrophic collapse of the past seven months is bigger than him. The blame does not lie with President Biden – it belongs with the Democrats. All of them.”

– Peggy Grande, an author who was executive assistant to President Ronald Reagan

At last, someone has nailed it.

Biden is a fool. We all know that. We can see it for ourselves. We’re not dumb, blind and stupid. But he’s not alone. He’s got accomplices – many of them. And now Peggy Grande has affirmed it.

Now we can all see with our own eyes the real Joe Biden – a feckless, old-beyond-his-years, cognitively challenged codger, a French fry short of a happy meal. We may not know who the “real” president is or if there is one – but we know who’s calling the shots for him. We know who’s telling him what to say, what to do and when to do it. DEMOCRATS.

They have what they coveted for so long – the ability to blame America first and always, to embrace criminals and scum, to ridicule devout people, to trash our history.

Yes, this is what they “selected,” not elected. There’s a difference, of course. This is, after all, still America, like it or not. Someday we may have a free and fair election again. I truly hope so. But that’s just a part of what the Democrats won’t even talk about. They won’t let us discuss all the anomalies of the 2020 election debacle – just like they won’t let us talk about Afghanistan, the border, inflation and what’s been going on in America for the last seven months.

They still want to blame President Donald Trump, whenever they can. But they own it all. And the rest of America is quickly realizing it.

As Grande says, “Americans and the world see this and know the truth – the Democrats are lying to them.”

They betray everything they say they believe – life itself, the poor, women and girls, minorities. Yet they kill innocent life at the earliest stage and boast about it. On the other end of the spectrum, they are perfectly OK with not saving the lives of grown Americans, citizens, caught behind enemy lines where they’ll be tortured and killed. We see how the poor are treated in our cities. We see how women and girls are threatened in Afghanistan. And we finally see why minorities are not permitted to have their own ideas – without being characterized as “white supremacists.”

“Democrats have abandoned the singular reason for the military – to protect America and Americans,” Grande says. “They have shamefully turned the Pentagon into a laboratory for social issues. I wonder how many trapped Americans are supportive of the military’s recent focus on BLM, climate change, transgender issues and bending to the will of the woke left. Perhaps the Department of Defense should have been reading intelligence reports rather than their Twitter feed.”

They’ve told us Black Lives Matter. But it’s just another lie to them. Only certain black lives matter to them. They’ve instructed us to “defund the police.” But what would that mean for those who cannot afford private security – or guns to defend themselves? They didn’t see anything wrong with our cities burning and being ruled by mobs, but they’re still holding some in prison – without legal representation, bail, in solitary confinement – for what they call an “insurrection” at the Capitol. By the way, it was an unarmed “insurrection.”

Yes, it took Peggy Grande to remind us all of who the accomplices of Joe Biden are. How does it feel, Democrats? How does it feel to be identified, fingered, called out? How does it feel to be an accessory to the crime of the century? How does it feel to be charged with aiding and abetting such a heist? How does it feel to be part of such a conspiracy?

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