Joe Biden deserves 'full responsibility' for Middle East deaths

President Joe Biden listens during a G7 Leaders’ virtual meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

The latest round of Middle East violence already has cost hundreds of lives and no one really knows how much in damage to buildings and roads.

Then there is the surging instability that has been created in a region where former President Donald Trump’s administration successfully had negotiated four peace treaties between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

And all of the blame goes to President Joe Biden.

That’s the conclusion from Con Coughlin, the Telegraph’s Defense and Foreign Affairs editor and a distinguished senior fellow at Gatestone Institute.

“Full responsibility for the latest upsurge in Arab-Israeli violence goes to U.S. President Joe Biden as a result of the policies of appeasement and capitulation he has pursued in the Middle East,” he concluded.

“When Mr. Biden took office in January, the Middle East was enjoying one of its rare moments of optimism, mainly due to the successful approach adopted by his predecessor, President Donald J. Trump.”

He cited the Abraham Accords, those agreements brought about by the Trump administration between Israel and four of its neighbors, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Kosovo and Morocco.

“In addition the Islamist supporters of ISIS were completely routed as a result of the U.S.-led military coalition’s destruction of their so-called Caliphate, while Iran’s ability to undermine political stability in the Middle East had been severely curbed by the Trump administration’s punitive sanctions against the regime,” he said.

Biden, however, fled from those successes. In fact, his involvement was to give “hundreds of millions of dollars” to Palestinians in a move that rewarded the Palestinian Authority for refusing to dialogue with Washington.

“Mr. Biden’s primary preoccupation in the Middle East has instead been to revive the flawed nuclear deal with Iran, a move which has resulted in the resumption of talks with Iranian officials in Vienna,” he wrote.

Biden adopted that course of action even though “the Iranian regime remains in violation of the terms of the nuclear deal agreed by President Barack Obama.”

“In particular Iran has continued to enrich uranium to a level well beyond that agreed in the nuclear deal to the level just below the threshold required for producing weapons-grade material, prompting fears that Tehran has resumed work on its clandestine nuclear weapons program,” he said.

“It is hardly surprising, therefore, that critics of Mr. Biden’s approach have led to accusations that he is appeasing Tehran in his desperation to revive the nuclear agreement. Now, with Palestinian militants once more targeting Israeli civilian areas with rockets and missiles, the folly of Mr. Biden’s ill-advised approach to the Middle East has been exposed.”

The solution, however, he said, isn’t that difficult.

“If Mr. Biden is really serious about ending the violence, then his time would be better spent consolidating Mr. Trump’s impressive Middle East legacy than wasting his energy on trying to appease the ayatollahs in Tehran.”

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