Joe Biden: Way past his sell-by date

Joe Biden and his White House team will have taught Americans a valuable lesson, even if Biden does not fulfill his first term in office or have a second term.

Biden has demonstrated what it is like to live in a despotic nation controlled by self-serving crooks and bureaucrats. He continued the shutdown of religious services imposed by Donald Trump at the behest of the CDC and silenced free speech through smears of “disinformation” and “misinformation.” He emphasized that our place of employment may be shuttered by the feds with no notice, and our jobs lost. His first order of business was to treat Americans differently based upon their race, as he ordered COVID assistance programs to prioritize blacks and other Democratic communities of interest. It took a U.S. Supreme Court decision to force California’s suppression of church services to be lifted to standards applied to other gatherings. Biden spends and taxes, a responsibility constitutionally placed with Congress. Biden dictates designs of our stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, trucks, even our Navy ships.

Joe Biden has disrupted the economy, created chaos in the justice system, bankrupted the nation with socialist programs and foreign wars, mismanaged critical foreign affairs setting stages for more war and more violence, seized control of the nation’s water and electrical supplies so each may be rationed, disrupted manufacturing and turned farming into a losing proposition. And he did it all in less than two years. It is the most impressive record of failure in the history of the Republic.

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Biden has restarted the Cold War by deliberately provoking Russia. Even if he did not actually blow up Nord Stream, he bragged about doing it, so he thought about doing it, but has never given anyone a reason why he wanted to do it. His “blame Russia” strategy is ridiculous and dangerous. If the Russians wanted to curb the delivery of energy to Europe, all they had to do was shut off the valves. That reality makes Joe Biden suspect No. 1. And now it turns out the Biden administration had prior information about a Ukrainian plan to attack the pipeline.

If he wanted to avoid war in Ukraine, all he had to do was call Vladimir Putin and tell him he would guarantee NATO would not encompass Ukraine if Russia would guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty. Instead he wagged his finger, bent forward in a threatening manner, and shouted insults.

When President Richard Nixon looked the American people in the eye and declared, “I am not a crook,” he was truthful. Nixon did not break the law, nor did he order others to break the law. He was not aware the break-in happened. In a single, illegal act by a handful of fourth-tier staffers, the Democratic Party national headquarters was burglarized. What the hell those people thought they would get out of it no one knows. But the media lynch mob destroyed the Nixon presidency. Why does that matter today? It gives us a measure of current circumstances. It matters because what Joe Biden has done is so much worse. He has destroyed the rule of law and used the Justice Department to do it! He has shredded the Constitution. His foreign policy focus is on the creation of one-world governance.

In comparison to what happened to Nixon as a result of Watergate, Americans owe the former president an apology. Viewed another way, Nixon and Henry Kissinger “opened up” China to the world, but Nixon and Kissinger did not sell out for cash in their own bank accounts. There is serious documentation Joe Biden and his family members did precisely that.

What has made Biden so effective, aside from the adoration of the national media, is the capture of the Democratic Party by Marxists. It’s no longer an American political party. It spews hatred of our republican form of government at every opportunity and smears the people who founded the colonies and eventually this nation.

Political parties come and go, and it is time for the Democratic Party to go. Signals that its reign is nearing the end can be gleaned from supermarket checkout conversation, or the fading presence of Bud Lite. “How’s Bud Lite doing,” you ask the market manager. “I dust it off every day,” he replies. Another store manager said his stock is gone, returned when it passed its sell-by-date.

Well, Joe Biden has passed his sell-by-date too. Why is he still here?

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