Kamala plays horseshoe politics in faux 'border' visit

“Coming close only counts in horseshoes” is an idiom applied to those who try to argue they nearly accomplished something that everyone knows they did not. Losing a sporting contest by a single point, regardless of how the loser views it, is still a loss. The idiom is most appropriate to Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the “border.” While she might feel her trip down south, months after President Joe Biden appointed her to deal with the crisis there, qualifies as a border visit to better understand the root causes of illegal immigration, she – injecting another idiom – came “close but no cigar.”

Another part of the horseshoes idiom applies to Harris as well. The complete phrase is, “Coming close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” The luckiest person on a battlefield is he who finds himself just outside the “kill zone” when a grenade explodes. With the explosion of illegal immigrants coming across our borders, Harris sought to avoid the kill zone – i.e., she did not want to be photographed with hordes of illegals crossing into our country in the background. As Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick declared after learning Harris was only going to El Paso, Texas, “She’s going where she is not really going to be seeing active crossings. I don’t think they want them crossing behind her in a camera shot.” To be safe, Harris effectively chose to visit a location 800 miles from where much of the action is, opting to visit a “virtual reality” border.

If Harris were really concerned about illegal immigration, she might have taken time while in El Paso to visit a hospital there to talk to migrants being treated for broken bones caused by falling off the wall Trump had partially completed. Not only did she fail to do this, she also failed to address the creation of one of the greatest human-trafficking problems we have ever faced.

Meanwhile, the vice president lies to us about the immigration problem, claiming after visiting El Paso, “We inherited a tough situation” from the previous administration. She noted, avoiding any responsibility by the Biden administration for the situation, El Paso is where President Donald Trump’s controversial child separation policy began. She added, “In five months we’ve made progress.” But no one queried the progress to which she was referring based on the number of monthly migrant apprehensions involved: 100,000 in February; 173,000 in March; 178,000 in April; and 180,000 in May. These increasing numbers belie the fantasy Harris tells.

When a reporter pressed her about not going to the border itself, Harris incredulously snapped back with an answer dismissive of such concerns, saying she has been to the border before. Does she really believe the situation there is a constant? Telling too was the fact two of her travel aides announced before Harris left for El Paso that they are leaving her staff.

Harris made a statement somewhat ludicrous in view of the hundreds of thousands of illegals entering the U.S. each month. “Our administration – it is important to be clear – is working to build a fair and a functional and a humane immigration system,” she said. Clear evidence exists to the contrary as migrants and children are being forced to live in horrid conditions. Ignored too is the foreboding news Texas border officials need more body bags, suggesting Biden’s policy is taking a deadly toll among migrants.

Playing partisan politics, Harris claimed she chose to go to El Paso because it was at the heart of Trump-era immigration restrictions. It allowed her not to have to analyze the situation and offer a rational solution but, rather, to point an accusatory finger at Trump. “We have looked at a system where people have been housed in inhumane conditions over the last many years,” she offered, “an asylum system that has been broken and needs to be reconstructed.”

Talking the talk, Harris made no attempt to examine how to cut the migrant flow, obviously viewing illegals as future Democratic Party voters – whether legal or otherwise. Such a mindset apparently leaves Harris with a deaf ear concerning Panama’s recent warning members of terrorist organizations are blending in with migrants to cross into the U.S.

It should be clear there is only one reason why Harris finally made this trip. It was made so she could check the “border visit” box on her resume. It is doubtful she learned anything that everyone else does not already know – all of which she is unwilling to acknowledge.

Harris now shares a trait with Alexandra Ocasio Cortes, D-N.Y. AOC, who during the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot was in a separate building and never even saw the rioters or was in any way endangered, now tells us she suffers mentally from the “extraordinarily traumatizing” event – one equal to “serving in war” – and is getting therapy. And now we have Harris who never even saw the border during her visit, telling us that progress is being made. Welcome to the era of horseshoe politics in which virtual reality supplants reality.

Anybody traveling Highway 95 in the eastern United States will see dozens of signs along the way for the famous roadside attraction known as “South of the Border.” Located in South Carolina, it consists of numerous restaurants and shops having a faux-Mexican theme. It has been a landmark for corniness in the southeast United States for 70 years. Based on the faux truths Harris tells us, demonstrating her El Paso visit has left her no more knowledgeable about the root causes of illegal immigration, she could have visited “South of the Border” to stake her border visit claim.

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