Kerik to Democrats: Who will be held accountable for lying about me?

Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik

It looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan committee that is “investigating” the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol is going to have to exhibit some pretty fancy censorship with Bernard Kerik testifying in coming weeks.

Because of what he may testify – under oath – about.

Kerik is a former New York City police commissioner and worked with his friend, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, after the 2020 election on vote fraud concerns.

While the legacy media has insisted, over and over, there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud in that election, multiple states now have reported finding problems, including some criminal cases already. In fact, state laws were changed, without authorization, to accommodate Democrat-leaning mail-in ballots. And Meta, formerly Facebook, chief Mark Zuckerberg handed out $420 million to mostly recruit voters from Democrat regions.

An analysis concluded Zuckerberg’s actions essentially bought the election for Joe Biden, and a separate study showed that the same result could have come from the legacy media’s decision to suppress, just days before the election, damaging information about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as well as Joe Biden.

Kerik has a subpoena from the committee, which is partisan because Pelosi refused to allow the GOP to appoint members. Instead, she picked a couple of Republicans who have been open and vicious opponents of President Trump.

First, Kerik wants an apology from the committee, as the “evidence” cited in the subpoena is a “lie.”

The committee members claimed, falsely, that he was at a meeting at the Willard Hotel on Jan. 5 in Washington.

But Kerik’s lawyer confirmed Kerik “never attended any such meeting.”

The lawyer told the committee, “If you were not personally responsible for this fabrication and false statements, then someone on your staff was and should be held accountable.”

Now in an interview on Greg Kelly Reports, Kerik said if he was under oath before Congress and made a false statement, he could be charged criminally.

“I want to know who’s going to be held accountable in that subpoena lie,” he said.

Further, he warned the committee could hear what it doesn’t want to hear.

A blog report noted Kerik warned that he has “overwhelming evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.”

There’s where the tricky part may come for Pelosi’s Democrats: how to censor his answers – under oath – on that topic.

Kerik said in the interview he’s among a small group who can “1,000% say there was substantial irregularities, overwhelming election fraud, voter fraud” during the 2020 balloting.

He pointed out many of the things he was part of investigating after the election is the same as what’s now become evident, in court cases, in election audits, and more.

He said the problem was that there were only a few weeks to find evidence in multiple swing states.

He cited Georgia, where election practices have been condemned by state officials, in Wisconsin, where charges could be coming against election commissioners who allowed an illegal order about ballots, in Michigan, where similar circumstances have come to light, and more.

And he pointed out that many times lawsuits were rejected by federal judges who found the issues to be the responsibility of state lawmakers, not the federal government.

He said he’s convinced “Democrats stole the election,” but Joe Biden is in the White House now because “Republican legislators allowed certification of votes in their state knowing there was fraud.”

And he said the subpoena by a committee investigating the events at the Capitol on January isn’t logical – because he wasn’t there either.

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