Loyal to Trump but also ready for Ron

If Gov. Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee for president in 2024, that will be OK with me.

While my heart lies with Donald Trump as the founder of MAGA and the natural evolution of the Tea Party, as the disrupter to the establishment class of politicians and globalist oligarchs, and as the martyr whom the bad guys crucified because he put America first – DeSantis is a wonderful understudy to Trump just as Robert the Bruce was to William Wallace in Scotland.

DeSantis: anti-woke, anti-CRT, anti-globalist, Christian, a Bronze Star from the U.S. Navy as a military officer, executive experience as governor and as a military officer, traditional family values, conservative, capitalist, strict constitutionalist, MAGA, Yale, Harvard, an athlete, team player, a loyal patriot/nationalist who puts America first, a leader since college, a lawyer, endorsed by Trump in 2018 and 2022. DeSantis is mega-more of what Obama, Biden, Democrats, and RINOs are not.

Ron DeSantis put an end to wokeness and Critical Race Theory in Florida schools. He stopped Disney. He is fighting globalist BlackRock. He won the Hispanic vote in Miami after Hillary Clinton won it by 30 points in the 2016 election. He won Florida by 19 points in the 2022 election after the pundits and polls said that Florida was a toss-up.

Since DeSantis has the same priorities and agenda as Trump, but lacks the baggage of Trump, is more disciplined than Trump in his statements and is also a lawyer, he could be the next worst nightmare (after Trump) for Democrats, the deep state, RINOs and globalist oligarchs.

DeSantis was a U.S. congressman from 2012 to 2018 and a co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, which just forced Rep. Kevin McCarthy to make several important changes to House rules to get their votes for him to be speaker. So unlike Trump, DeSantis has legislative experience in Congress so he can beat the Democrats and RINOs at their own game.

According to Bloomberg Business Week, Jan 8, 2023, 42 U.S. billionaires who are fed up with what Democrats have done to destroy America’s traditional culture have pledged support for DeSantis. So he will have more than enough funds to fight the big money from woke high-tech oligarchs, government workers’ unions (especially teachers), corporations like BlackRock and Disney, and Hollywood – all of which own the Democratic politicians.

My primary vote will go to Trump in 2024. He took the arrows from the bad guys. He cut the path on how to make America great again. But if Trump withdraws for some unseen reason or if DeSantis wins the Republican nomination over Trump, then DeSantis will get my total support just as if he were Trump.

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