Minority numbers surging at top companies


Large parts of corporate America have plunged so deeply into the racial “equity” agenda that they’ve almost completely quit hiring white workers.

In fact, a report from Bloomberg notes that S&IP 100 companies have hired 300,000-plus employees over the past year, and more than 94% of them have been non-white.

A report at Revolver News noted that the results show the companies “have gone alarmingly anti-white and fully racist.”

It explained the agenda developed during the BLM riots after the death of George Floyd, “a career criminal and drug addict, who threatened to murder a pregnant woman while his buddies ransacked and robbed her home.”

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What happened then was that “Corporate America responded with pledges for sweeping changes. According to this latest report, they’ve certainly made changes—by actively marginalizing white people in the workforce in an alarming way. Corporate America vowed to diversify like never before. And guess what? They weren’t just blowing smoke. New data shows that the S&P 100 companies made a whopping 300,000-plus hires over the past year, with a staggering 94 percent going to people of color.”

Bloomberg explained the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies with 100 or more workers to report demographics.

Those statistics for 2020 and 2021 show those companies “increased their U.S. workforces by 323,094 people in 2021, the first year after the Black Lives Matter protests — and the most recent year for which this data exists. The overall job growth included 20,524 white workers. The other 302,570 jobs — or 94% of the headcount increase — went to people of color.”

The report explained companies not only excluded whites to hire more minority workers, they did so at the executive and management levels too.

The companies studied employed more than nine million across the U.S., and included Apple, Walmart and Wells Fargo.

“Those are astounding percentages,” David Larcker, the director of the Corporate Governance Research Initiative at Stanford University, told Bloomberg.

The share of managers and professionals who are black rose at 70 companies.

The report, however, charged that the recent changes still leave “most companies in our dataset lopsided, with white people holding a disproportionate share of high-paying jobs at S&P 100 companies.”

Further, the report continued, “At companies where overall employment shrank in 2021, White workers made up 68.5% of the losses, another 16.5% were Black, 9.7% were Hispanic and 2.3% were Asian.”

The Revolver report added, “It’s hardly a shock to see this trend unfold when you consider the climate we’re in. The current narrative gives a free pass to anti-white hate. In February, conservative ‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams found himself in hot water for discussing a troubling poll. The survey revealed that 26 percent of black respondents disagreed with the statement, ‘It’s OK to be white.’ As a result, numerous outlets severed ties with Adams, branding him as ‘racist’ for merely spotlighting this deeply concerning view held by nearly 30 percent of the black respondents.”

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