Mom defeats strategy to make her 10-year-old girl a boy!

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A mother successfully defeated a campaign by therapists who excluded her and her husband from her 10-year-old daughter’s treatment to turn the child into a transgender, according to a new report.

It is Walt Heyer, who famously was transgender, lived as a woman for years, then returned to his birth gender, who wrote of the case at the Federalist.

Walt Heyer

The issue for the child, who like her mother was not identified, was that she recently had changed from one school to another, was forced into online schooling by COVID, and was “just on overload,” Heyer reported.

But he said when “Mindy,” whose story was shared with permission, exhibited stress, and her folks took her to a counselor at her pediatrician’s office, the campaign began.

“I share [the mother’s] terrifying experience of almost losing her young daughter in a few short months,” he said. “Her story illustrates how easily a 10-year-old girl can be groomed into a cross-sex identity, but for the intervention of her mindful parents.”

Heyer said the situation followed a five-step process he’s described before. The first move is to exclude parents.

In Mindy’s case, he explained, doctors cited her stress to isolate her in a hospital for six days – where “advocates are free to indoctrinate the child into transgenderism.”

The mother reported medical personnel, “They told us she was suicidal and she needed to be taken to be evaluated in house [hospitalized].”

They tried to keep her longer, she pointed out, “refusing us updates or anything, so we told them we were coming to get her with or without their blessing.”

But the “counselor appointments” continued, without the parents.

The second step Heyer described is leaping to a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

“[They] quickly diagnosed her with gender dysphoria (without telling us) and possible Asperger’s in addition to the previous GAD [Generalized Anxiety Disorder]. I felt like they did not listen to me…I told the pediatrics office and counselor that this started when my daughter changed school… leaving her friends and the only school she had ever been to. [Then] school became virtual [and] nothing was normal,” the mother said.

Explained Heyer, “Notice how the counselor didn’t listen to the parents and their knowledge of their child. Obvious triggers—changing schools, leaving friends behind, lockdowns, and the resulting anxiety and depression—were ignored. To me, this is reckless medical malpractice and it happens far too frequently.”

The third step is to affirm the cross-sex identity, he said. Often, he explained, “schools, counselors, and teachers affirm and encourage children in a cross-sex identity (new name, new pronouns, new wardrobe), and even keep it a secret from the parents.”

In Mindy’s case a therapist boldly told the parents Mindy would be addressed by a male name, her parents did some fast research, and informed the therapist Mindy would not return.

Heyer said the next step is to glorify the trans identity.

“Children are attracted (and groomed) through the influence of their peers, social media, and teachers. It’s easy to see why a child who hits a rough period emotionally, or feels socially awkward or isolated, would be drawn to identifying as transgender as a means to acceptance and attention,” he explained.

The final step is to vilify anything that challenges the trans agenda, Heyer said.

He explained, “Major medical associations have changed position statements to advocate for political ideology over sound medical practice. In 20 states, counselors can lose their licenses if they question a client’s transgender identification instead of reinforcing it.”

Mindy’s case, however, is how parents “can release a child from the grip of a ‘gender dysphoria’ diagnosis,” he wrote.

“She didn’t follow blindly the opinions that ran contrary to her observations and common sense. Instead, she researched and found resources to educate herself,” he said. Then “She withdrew her daughter from the harmful influence of trans-affirming health professionals, then sat quietly with her daughter and listened with love. It worked.”

Ultimately, Mindy was able to share with her mother her reasons for anxiety, including the schooling, but also because two older kids an encouraged her to research transgenders.

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