Network guest: Pro-lifers are actually 'white supremacists'


A guest on MSNBC, reacting to the recent Supreme Court arguments over a Mississippi abortion law, claimed that those who are pro-life really are the new “segregationists” who are white and are demanding “power” in America.

The offbeat comments are documented by Kristine Marsh of Media Research Center and were published by

On a show hosted by Alicia Menendez, she asked guest Brittany Packnell Cunningham, a Black Lives Matter activist, “And Brittany, let’s also declare about where this comes from. After Wednesday’s arguments, you tweeted, ‘the roots of the pro-life movement – and you have that in quotes – are about preserving segregation and building a white supremacist religious right.’ Tell me more.”

Cunningham complied.

“Essentially segregationists lost, and when they got together and had to figure out how to maintain their political power, they figured that they needed to find a new issue. And six years, six years after Roe became the law of the land, they decided that abortion rights would be the thing that they would go and attack. And they were able to build a new religious coalition that is largely white and that, again, was ceded from people who were focused on keeping the country, the South in particular as segregated as possible. So there’s no way to disentangle both of these priorities for a certain group of people.”

She added, “If this were about pro-life principles, the GOP would be fans of robust sex education and access to contraceptives because those things actually reduce teenage pregnancy. They would be working to reduce maternal deaths and making sure that in particular, there were not a disproportionate amount of black maternal deaths and infant mortality. They would be making sure that we have paid family leave instead of being the party that continues to fight it. This has not and has never been about pro-life principles. This has always been about creating, maintaining, and coalescing power.”

The report noted that the “strange argument” apparently came from an old Politico article that said “segregationists” after Roe founded the pro-life movement as another way to “discriminate against black people…”

LiveNews reported, “MSNBC has become so unhinged over state laws challenging Roe, they are actually trying to convince their audiences that the pro-life side is racist and founded on white supremacy, when it should be common knowledge that the largest abortion provide in the country was founded by a racist eugenicist white woman.”

That would be Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder who repeatedly expressed her interest in reducing the black population.

Menendez also had Melissa Murray, a law professor, on the program, to explain how she was upset that Justice Clarence Thomas’s comments could lead to protections for the unborn.

She said, “In that oral argument on Wednesday, Justice Clarence Thomas seemed to be signalizing some concerns that we ought to be treating the fetus as a person for purposes of constitutional law, and that signals that once this is returned to the states, we might see some more agitation for creating a personhood amendment that would recognize the fetus as a person for purposes of constitutional law. And once that happens, then it doesn’t matter what occurs on the state level. It doesn’t matter if California permits abortion. If the fetus is considered a person like the woman is considered a person for purposes of constitutional law, you can criminalize abortion outright.”

In fact, that was admitted by Harry Blackmun, who wrote the original Roe decision at the court, when he warned that if the personhood of the unborn is established, the entire abortion argument collapses because the Constitution then protects the unborn.

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