Obama turns 60, supposedly, today

Do you know what today is?

It’s supposedly Barack Obama’s birthday.

Do you recall all of the contention about his birth certificate?

Have you ever seen a birth certificate cause as much controversy?

We considered it very important. You might want to re-examine some of the articles on the subject in case you missed them. This was “Birth Certificate Central” during the Obama years. It was akin to the only place to find Hunter Biden laptop stories in the New York Post during the presidential election. Of course, that was before Big Tech ran the Internet like the secret police.

Why was it relevant then? Because Obama would become president of the United States, a position that absolutely required him to be a “natural born citizen” according to this nation’s Constitution. Was he? Let’s review a few facts.

He claims he was born in Honolulu in late August 1961, to Ann Dunham, a 17-year-old high school student, and Barack Obama, a visiting student from Kenya.

Biographers agree without objection that Ann Dunham moved her son from Hawaii to Seattle within three weeks of his birth. It is doubtful that either a visiting student from Kenya or a minor from Hawaii could confer “natural born” citizenship on their son.

That was the BIG question, the mystery – which has never been resolved or answered.

Of course, since then, the Democrats have run another presidential candidate that stretches the boundaries of the Constitution. Both of Kamala Harris’ parents were foreign born – her mother was an immigrant from India and her father was born in Jamaica.

It’s worth noting that Obama was fond of labeling himself as “Kenyan-born” before he ran for president. He was labeled that way by his own book publishers without any objections.

All of this was thoroughly documented in WND and in Dr. Jerome Corsi’s No. 1 bestselling book published by WND Books, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” In fact, it was of significant interest by Donald Trump.

The stories in WND continued for several years, beginning with Obama’s candidacy for president in 2008 until the book hit the No. 1 bestseller ranks and an Obama “birth certificate” in April 2011 was finally produced. It’s worth noting that even Democratic Hawaiian governor Neil Abercrombie was perplexed at not being able to find a birth certificate or “any slip of paper” designating the birth of Obama.

You may recall that it was the Democrats’ favorite law firm, Perkins Coie, which was assigned the task of defending against Republican challenges to Joe Biden’s “immaculate” election of 2020, that also finally discovered the long lost “birth certificate,” not to mention the discredited Steele Dossier it helped Hillary Clinton produce.

So I guess it’s about time for the big shindig of a 60th birthday party for Barack Obama – on the posh island of Martha’s Vineyard, of course.

“It’s going to be big,” said one anonymous source.

He will be presumably joined by Michelle along with friends such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney on the Obama 30-acre estate.

One requirement for guests is a COVID-19 test before attending the soiree at the seven-bedroom, nearly 7,000-foot mansion the Obamas purchased for $11.75 million in 2019.

You can bet there will be no “birth certificate” jokes – or maybe there will be?

Will Perkins Coie be represented?

Will Joe Biden be attending? Hillary?

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