OCCUPY D.C. in support of Jan. 6 political prisoners

It’s mid November, just under a year until the midterm election.

What a good time it would be to start a series of daily rallies in Washington, D.C., for our numerous and sundry grievances, which I will refer to as “the Brandon factor.”

To date, Brandon’s chant (or the original sound-alike phrase) has been expressed nearly everywhere there are crowds gathered – mostly sports venues. I’ve not seen or heard Brandon’s name mentioned in the vicinity of Washington, though. Maybe I’ve missed it.

What an opportunity we’re missing!

I know. You’re busy people. You work hard. There’s little time for protests, demonstrations and rallies. But (do I need to remind you?), we’re close to losing our heritage of freedom in America. And nowhere does this threat emanate more dangerously than from Washington – the belly of the beast, so to speak.

It’s where the most momentous protests, demonstrations and rallies have taken place. Two quickly come to mind for me – Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the Jan. 6 rally for President Donald Trump, attended by somewhere near 1 million people earlier this year.

Speaking of Jan. 6, there are at least 100 people, maybe more, in solitary confinement still and far more detained and awaiting trial for drummed up on charges involving the fracas at the Capitol. Tucker Carlson’s preeminent series called “Patriot Purge,” available now on Fox Nation, delves into the cases of these so-called “insurrectionists.”

Do we want the truth about that Jan. 6 rally, where hundreds of thousands peacefully gathered, to be remembered like King’s speech? Or do we want it to be remembered like Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney would like to?

It’s up to you. The Jan. 6 defendants are mostly in jail in Washington – in harsh conditions. They are political prisoners in every sense of the phrase.

What a boost to their morale it would be if we expressed our concern for their welfare.

But that’s not all.

We’ve got to make some noise about other things as well – Afghanistan, the border, the supply chain, China, the pandemic, mandates for vaccines, the debt Democrats are racking up and Critical Race Theory, to name but a few.

I could shorthand this list by calling it Joe Biden’s Terror Program.

That’s legit, to call it that. But why are there so few protests over it in Washington – where it all began with a phony election for control of this nation?

Let’s call it OCCUPY D.C.

A group of several hundred peaceful protesters gathered near the Capitol – and were met by a heavy police presence meant to “protect” the building from another “insurrection,” as Pelosi and Cheney called it. This was a demonstration seeking “Justice for J6” (a reference to the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas) that made its point effectively amid beefed up security, police in full riot gear and National Guard fencing. It took place about two months ago.

This could have been the beginning of what I proposed for the occupation of Washington every day. But it was just a one-off.

Think of it! An OCCUPY D.C. movement by the deplorables! It’s rich. Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? This should be the polar opposite.

The event began with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem. What a contrast to the mayhem of the left!

Matt Braynard, founder of Look Ahead America, had the right approach.

“We condemn all violence, political violence,” said Braynard who organized the rally. “I’m demanding that you all are respectful and obedient to police officers today. In fact, I’d like to start off – can we please have a round of applause for the main police officers?”


Then speakers talked for about 90 minutes and condemned anyone who committed violent acts on Jan. 6, 2021, and called for justice for dozens of people who were arrested in the wake of that day.

“We’re gonna raise our voices in defense of our fellow Americans who’ve had their rights and due process violated,” said Braynard, who called these individuals “political prisoners.” “We’re gonna raise our voices, demanding justice for Ashli Babbitt, and for the government to come clean on whatever involvement the FBI might have had in the events of January 6,” he continued.

At the event’s conclusion, Braynard asked the crowd to leave promptly and orderly and encouraged them to thank the police for their service as they departed.

It was the perfect execution of the kind of rally I’m talking about.

But what I’m hoping to hear in Washington every day for the next year is the chant “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Can you dig it?

Shout it real loud – so it echoes around in Joe Biden’s non-cognitive brain and through the Washington Correctional Facility that holds Jan. 6 political prisoners.

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