Olympians are champions not COVID super-spreaders

Hundreds of Olympians have trained for years to be at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo from July 23 through Aug. 8. And so far, mainstream media and other “COVID killers” have successfully limited global crowds and enthusiasm by spreading fear and foreboding.

Rather than take simple safeguards and then encourage others to support our Olympic champions by their presence and cheerleading, they have pushed COVID fears to a phobic frenzy and Olympic freeze.

Rather than report on any of the myriad of Olympic events and races, Politico called the entire Tokyo Olympics “the Ultimate Covid-19 Experiment.”

Rather than highlight a single event of the opening ceremonies, Friday night’s edition of “ABC World News Tonight” had a negative 3-minute segment about the “Olympic Covid Protests” outside the stadium.

Rather than emphasize the superior health and immunity resistance of Olympic champions, people from around the world who are in top shape, CBS News focused upon their susceptibility to the Wuhan virus.

Rather than highlight the champions’ herculean efforts or abilities, NBC headlined that 100 U.S. Olympians are unvaccinated.

Rather than maximize Olympians’ inspirational power to encourage future champions, news and other agencies maximize the power of a virus that has killed a tenth of 1% of its contractors in the U.S. And remember, 94% of that 0.1% had comorbidities or underlying contributing illnesses and diseases that hastened their deaths.

Rather than give Olympians their two weeks of glory, fearmongers are already predicting that these global champions will return to their hometowns in the U.S. not as heroes but as new-variant super-spreaders. Really? (Reminds me of their tragic treatment of Vietnam vets when they came home from war 50 years ago.)

Has Godzilla really been resurrected and unleashed in Tokyo as COVID? Is it really going to reduce Tokyo to toothpicks in the next two weeks, and then spread its tentacles around the world in new variants through our returning Olympians? Do we really want to give the Wuhan virus front-and-center power and attention on the Olympic stage to trump our athletes’ gold, silver and bronze medals?

In my opinion, and I’m in touch with a lot of people across the nation who agree, COVID crackdowns, lockdowns and psychological fears did far more damage to citizens, families, communities and our country than the actual virus ever did. The same thing can happen at the Olympics, if we allow it.

Don’t pigeonhole me or my views. I’m not virus ignorant or taking sides here in the COVID debates. I’ve been studying health and healthy lifestyles for over six decades, which is why I still write my syndicated C-Force Health & Fitness column. And as a six-time world karate champion, and someone who has trained tens of thousands of martial artists and experts through my United Fighting Arts Federation and KickStart Kids foundation, I do know a thing or two about the power of focus.

The mind is still our biggest battlefield. Stinkin’ thinkin’ can be overcome. Focus can change everything. Good can come from bad. Olympians can be born from underdogs. And a single news story came out Friday to prove all of that.

The sports story was titled, “How COVID made it possible for a group of teenagers to become Olympians.” Rather than showing a cowering group of COVID-fearful, quarantine-phobic teenagers, it reported on how they refused to let lockdowns keep them down (physically and mentally) from reaching their Olympic goals and dreams. These teens didn’t let the Wuhan virus win over their minds, bodies or spirits.

Yahoo Sports reported, “10 teenage girls [were] named to the U.S. Olympic team – more than USA Swimming took to Rio and London combined. Of the 26 American women who’ll compete at the Tokyo Aquatics Center this month, 20 are first-time Olympians.

“And if not for COVID, would they be in Tokyo?

“‘No,’ 17-year-old breaststroker Lydia Jacoby said. ‘I don’t think I would have been prepared last year at all.’

“‘This [extra] year definitely helped,’ 18-year-old backstroker Phoebe Bacon said.

“‘I think it did,’ 19-year-old Emma Weyant agreed. ‘I can say that now.’ She smiled.

“Torri Huske, another 18-year-old swimming champion who, likewise, said she ‘definitely wouldn’t have been as fast’ in 2020. ‘I feel like COVID in a way, was kind of a blessing.'”

I’ve known hundreds if not thousands of champions. I can tell you emphatically COVID is not the reason these teens turned Olympians. They are now sports icons because they determined to push through and persevere in their training and disciplines despite COVID. These teens prove again and again that people just want their lives back, even in Tokyo.

If only other mainstream media outlets and COVID fearmongers had the focus of these teenage Olympians. Like their victory over the last year of COVID craziness, we have a choice every day, every minute, to focus upon the positive over the negative.

Proverbs 23:7 in the Bible says, “As a person thinks, so he or she is.”

For the next two Olympic weeks, our collective goal as the human race should be to refuse the temptation to focus upon the power of the Wuhan virus and keep it on the Olympic spirit.

Think about it. The summer Olympics are only two weeks long. For goodness sake, let’s take healthy precautions but don’t dash the dreams and ruin Olympic champions’ moment in glory because of the Wuhan virus or any other adversary. It’s caused enough collateral damage already. Let’s not enable it to steal the Olympic spirit and medals, too. That would the biggest agony of defeat.

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